Wednesday, May 27, 2009

To Tumbl, or Not to Tumbl.

My best friend, who has a blog on Tumblr, has been telling me for some time to give it a shot. "Coding is easier and better to do", and supposedly the themes are plentiful. Now, I'm not deleting this blog; I've gained too many followers to just snuff this one out so soon, but I do think Tumblr may be another avenue for me to post about music; my music, etc. So, with that being said...

...what do you guys think? If I blogged here and on Tumblr, would you read? Drop comments in the box, I need input!



the YOUNG LIONESS said...

ill be honest and say im lazy on the internet

but if you venture there i will check you out..because its you :-)

K. Michel said...

Wait... you want to manage two blogs, BlackMuzik? I'd say stick to this one. Full attention on one site, is better than half the attention with two.

Ziggy Za. said...

Young Lioness-Why, thank you, dear. And just so you know, I have started that other blog.