Friday, January 30, 2009

oh, baltimore pt 4: beating unecessary records

This time last year, the city had 14 homicides.

As of yesterday, January 29, 2009, Baltimore City has had 21 homicides. A man was shot and killed--in broad daylight--in the 900 block of Poplar Grove Street. Those who live in B-More know that Poplar Grove--any part of it--is not a spot to be in if you don't already live there. Hell, it's hard enough to live there too. Crazy thing is, I live a good 8 minute's drive away from this street, and it's all getting a little too close to home.

Another awesome tidbit about this nonsense? Of the 21 murders, only 4 arrests have been made. W.T.F. I'd prefer to never do another "oh, baltimore" post, but it's not even February yet. Not looking too possible on my end.

Come on people, we have got to get it together.


friday freebie!

Ignite each chakra
With friendly touch. Baby, our
Connection is ill.

Happy Friday, folks! Another weekend is upon us...and I have NOTHING to do. I tell you, this staying in/saving money thing is agony sometimes. Anyways, I'm off to run errands before work. Got a couple of posts for you later in the day, but for now enjoy the haiku quickie...and these things running through my mind:
-Ron Brownz sucks eggs. I'd like him to jump out of a windowwwwww.
-WTF is up with all these murder-suicides? First LA, then one the next day in Annapolis, then yesterday in Ohio. It can't be that bad.
-When's the next Black Star album dropping? Kweli and Mos, we need you!
Got some others, but this post is a little too random for my own liking.
Everyone have a safe weekend.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

is the economy to blame?

Everyone is starting to feel the effects of the country's recession in one way or another. The biggest businesses are begging for money after sucking the consumers dry (how funny is that, GMC?), and others are cutting their losses and filing Chapter 11s faster than I can say Bank Of America. We've already cut 70,000 jobs this year, and things seem to be getting worse before they can get better.

My question is this: when does it become so, so bad that you'll take your own life and the lives of the ones you love?
For a man in Los Angeles, I guess he decided enough was enough. After both him and his wife were fired from their technician jobs at Kaiser Permanente, he went home; killed his wife, his five children...and then himself.
It's been reported that Ervin Antonio Lupoe called 911 to inform the police that he came home and his family had been murdered. But police investigators are ruling out that possibility and calling it murder-suicide. At the same time of receiving the emergency call, local news station KABC-TV received a suicide note via fax and notified the proper autorities.

"So after a horrendous ordeal my wife felt it better to end our lives and why leave our children in someone's else's hands, in addition it seems Kiaser Permanente want's us to kill ourselves and take our family with us. They did nothing to the manager who stated such, and did not attempt to assist us in the matter, knowing we have no job and 5 children under 8 years with no place to go. So here we are.
Ervin Lupoe

You can read the rest of the note sent to the TV station here.
I understand that this is a trying time for everyone, employed and otherwise. It's harder now to keep your job than to get one. But...this is something I don't even want to attempt to make logical.
My heart aches for his family, and those children--one 8 year old, and two sets of twins, ages 2 and 5. I personally understand what it means to struggle financially, but taking the lives of your seeds should never be an option. I also can never fully understand what another man is going through, losing a job after your wife has been fired...and having the blessed burden of six other mouths to feed...but if you want to take the "easy" way out, take it alone.
R.I.P. Brittney, Jaszmin, Jasseley, Christian, Benjamin, Ana and Ervin Lupoe.


Monday, January 26, 2009

it continues...30/30 pt dos!

#24 (1/3/2009)-Poetry, A Letter
wasn't aware that there were rules applied to free expression
i'd like to just talk and let words flow
call that poetry
but apparantely my words aren't big enough
lines not long enough
messages not deep enough
and metaphors aren't metaphorical enough
I don't have the right rhythm to spit you amongst ready ears
so many rules
for something that was discovered without them
so I apologize, poetry
I can only continue to be
but the feeling must be mutual
because you allow me to be
don't trip when I miss a line
or when I take too long to reach a point
I'm getting your message across
just let me be your instrument.

#25 (1/4/2009)-Tainted Promise
the universal heartbeat had to be revived
your announcement threw everything off balance
my world danced to the tune of your drum
but unbeknownst to me, the drumming ceased
causing me to stumble
and in this incident I realized I've grown dependent on you
needing my fix
and regretting the person I become when it's not near
you've become my music, a necessity
knowing that for just one moment it could've been wiped away has potential to kill me
but the drums start again
while you and I dance on glass
stepping lightly and slowly
silently praying that we can both find the tune again.

#26 (1/5/2009)-I Wish I May
she used to wish on stars
sending all her focus to the brightest of them all
took that philosophy and applied it to life
"star light, star bright; first star I see tonight..."
first star I see tonight
first star I see tonight
no one told her that she didn't have to give all her energy to one star
let alone the first she sees
tell her to hold on to her wish
gaze at all the stars
the one for her may not be the first
possibilities are limitless in the skies
so her choice is hers for the making
any one of those stars should be blessed to have her wish
just as any is willing to take it
but she has to be careful
take advantage of discernment
it may not be the first star she sees tonight.

#27 (1/6/2009)-Wait List.
Dear You,
it's been a while since we've talked
now let's skip the specifics
i know what this is about
crowding the screen of my smart phone with your dumb ass questions
"how's life?" "how you been?"
all filler; the warm up to the matter at hand
you wanna know a lot of things
but the question that pulses in the front of your mind
never to leave your lips, unless uttered in some incoherent, secret coded fashion
"you still, um...intact?"
"made that move yet?"
and a personal favorite
"still locking it down?"
you no longer have permission
to even have the balls to ask me this question
lack of patience canceled out your like for me
causing my tolerance to dissipate
but I thank you anyway for showing me who you really were
almost laughed when you said you'd wait until my say-so...
who told you my say so would be for you?
holding on to my last piece of me
and you just want a piece of me
so I'll continue to cradle what's mine
grab onto it like you would your nuts
spit my excuses like you spit your game
because that's what it's turned into
cheap trinkets leading to the top prize
news flash: movie tickets, paid dinners, bells and whistles
approval by your closest niggas
even meeting the woman who brought you into this world
won't bring you into mine
takes much more
so simple, but if you can't figure out
you're certainly not what I'm looking for
so just think
it could've been you
to venture to an unchartered land
make my body quake with the softest touch of your hand
mark your territory by putting your lips on places
then laugh later about my "during" faces
but I won't say too much
it's been a long time
and we've lost touch
all I can do is smile
at a lame attempt to learn about something
that was temporarily worth your while
suffering from Til It's Gone Syndrome
and a horrible case of raging testosterone
if you'd really like to know "how" I am
do yourself a small favor.
ask my man.

#28 (1/7/2009)-Challenge
Someone tell Satan
To come harder than this. Back
to the drawing board.

#29 (1/8/2009)-Forestry Melodies
from your veins to mine
take me on a ride
drift on clouds as I float away
I wish not to come back
this is where I belong
self discovery is prevalent in this place
taken to the conscious of my conscious
true self resides
escape to new planes through your vapors
a burning sweetness enters lungs
secretions of carelessness seep through me
show me what's really trivial
who's to blame me for wanting this rescue
the real world is far worse than this
but you help me temporarily forget
thought I would keep you to myself
but others sing your praises
guess they need the same help
it's a love/love relationship
you and I
I'm stuck to your side
you stick to my hands
let those ignorant bastards say what they please
we both know what's best for me
try to keep you away
you're a moneymaker
and there are some who will abuse you
but they will never appreciate the experience
as we do
you're everywhere
and I can't be all those places at one time
but I can in my mind.

#30 (1/9/2009)-Career Day
it's almost his turn
hearing the same aspirations back to back
has made him tired
everyone wants to be nurse
football or basketball player
and every now and again
lawyer is thrown in the mix
but today's his day to wow the crowd
4th grade mind already equipped beyond his years
he steps up to the front of his class
faces his peers
burgandy uniform pants etching detailed stories of yesterday's play date
and his shirt is transforming to a slight beige
but his notebook is spotless
chest held high, eyes straight ahead
he braces himself for laughter
what he's about to say is utterly ridiculous
"When I grow up, I'm going to be President."
the room falls silent
searches his classmates' eyes for approval
and is surprised to see all smiles
waits for teacher's predictable snicker
and hears nothing
but sees the single tear drop from his teacher's eye
the silence lets him know
it's now possible
it can be done.

Whew! I finally finished it! Every poem has been sitting in my journal, waiting to be typed since the 9th. know what I said earlier. Anyways, I hope this 30/30 has been pleasing to you, and if it hasn't...*shrug* don't know. I will say it was a challenge for me, but I will most definitely be doing this again soon.

btw: If you're a new reader and you haven't had the chance to catch up on my 30/30, or have no idea of what the hell I'm talking about, click these links and get on the ball!

as promised...30/30 continues!

*Don't judge me. I know I took a minute, but if you read my mini disclaimer a few posts back, you should know that this takes time, focus and energy to type. I'm going to compile the rest (14 poems!) into 2 posts. Read, comment, and most of all...enjoy!*

#17 (12/27/2008)- Black Panther
Left fists raised in air
Serve as a bridge for lost souls
Back to the Motherland.

#18 (12/28/2008)-Speak No...
It's the little things
Body language and signals
To say "I love you".

#19 (12/29/2008)-Untitled
Dreams with no standards
Like mind's playground left idle
Devil can play now.

#20 (12/30/2008)-Kinte Cloth and Moonstones
Sitting while others stodd to salute the flag
Just in 2nd grade
Marked different since before she could remember
Home specially tailored into her school uniforms
Made her an easy target for school bullies
But at the same time illuminated her individuality
Now, the things she was teased for
Is what has made her well known
Popular in her own way
While others struggle to stay on the radar.

#21 (12/31/2008)-Body Talk
Funny how we don't need words anymore
Simple nouns and verbs
phrases in Webster's
Can neither define or confine what we have
love bursting through pages
so let's make our own
watch attentively
you'll learn all you need by simply looking at me
just as I watch you
feel my heart flutter after I kiss your lips
and I smile to watch your body sigh
saying you love me without saying you love me
cherish the twinkle in your eye when you've missed me
tightness of your embrace telling me you need me
a love beyond words
spoken so loudly
but no words are ever heard.

#22 (1/1/2009)-The Kitchen
I shake my locs, yeah
Feel just like a lioness
When I do it, too.

#23 (1/2/2009)-The Kitchen (Extended)
they're free when I can't be
defying the laws of media
very rare that you see these on tv
follicle breeds into follicle
strands tight enough to break teeth
no comb breching through here
and please, don't get it confused
my locs are in no way fashionable
adorning my head like a crown
make a statement without making a statement
history in each root
fusing my mind's energy for all to see
flowing past my shoulders
creating their own dance as they finally curtain my back
doubling as a cape and shield
like samson
here is where I harness my strength
so requests to touch are easily denied
no one is just granted access inside
my locs represent something that is never fully understood

Friday, January 23, 2009

just so you can get a little edu-ma-cation...

After my gripe about Che not being released to theaters, a somewhat silver lining was shone my way via a blog comment. After I read the comment, I typed my way over to everyone's favorite Boob Tube, YouTube, and now I have the biggest smile on my face!

I have here two clips: one's a preview of a straight to DVD (that's already been released, according to the description) film about the life of General George Jackson, a member of the Black Panther Party (the ORIGINAL, not the "new"). He gained national attention as a Soledad Brother, and both his books, written while in prison, reached bestsellers lists. Gary Dourdan stars as Jackson, and from what I see in the preview he actually does the portrayal some justice. I was actually able to find this movie on at a reasonable price.

The second clip is a preview of Assata aka Joanne Chesimard, an independent film about the life of Assata Shakur, who is still alive and living in exile in Cuba. I could go on about how she should have been back in the states by now, but I'll digress. Huge plus(es)? The music is scored by Roy Hargrove. Another Panther, Kathleen Cleaver makes and appearance, and Assata makes an appearance as well. No word on when or if this movie has been released, but you can contact the film maker, Fred Baker, at his website if you have any questions.

Still a little salty that films like these aren't in theaters, but with sites like Youtube, I guess history can be delivered another way. Maybe even a better way.
Special thanks to my new reader/blog friend, Mister Jaycee, for giving me these awesome finds. His blog is excellent, so click his name to check him out. I mean, hey, I'm a follower too!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

no che!

For the record...Che Guevara was an inspirational man. In my opinion. So imagine my excitement when I heard (a longgggg time ago) that Benicio Del Toro was going to bring him back to life! Che was screened last May at the Cannes Film Festival, and Del Toro even won an award there for Best Actor for his portrayal of Guevara. Trust, I've been keeping track on this, I heard it was to be released to movie theaters for everyone's viewing pleasure.

So I waited...

And I waited...

...only to find out that it had already been released in December in LA and NYC! WTF?! I've gotta drive/fly to see this movie?! Where's the justice in that? Turns out it was released early to qualify for Oscar nods,which didn't happen. It's Che. I'm not surprised. To further my frustration, it turns out that I could have watched the movie home. The distributors have decided to make the films available for all major cable and satellite providers, which means I found the MUSIC section...of Comcast On Demand. W.T.F.

True, there is an advantage to having this film so easily at my fingertips. It's free. I can be in the comfort of my own home. And I can take as many breaks as I need to digest the whole film; it's a little over four hours long so it's been divided into two parts. Ouch. I just really wanted to see something great at the movies this year, outside of the predictable blockbusters coming in a few months (HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE?!?! I'M IN THERE!). No big deal; I'll just grab some popcorn, Scuba, and curl up on my couch.

Guess I can simmer down those hopes of seeing a Black Panther motion picture in theaters, huh? Right.


a double alley-oop?

The Westchester Country Day School in NC just got a little more interesting.

I'm saying though, is it possible to see this in an NBA game? Or will it be illegal, like King James' "crab dribble"?
Just slide it in at the All Star Game, and we're good. Thanks in advace.


umbrella drinks and mopeds

Free drinks.
Free parties.
Beautiful people.
Beautiful atmosphere.
Breathtaking sights.
Quality R&R.
Did I mention the free drinks?!
It was the family's second time vacationing here, but the Dominican Republic is now one of my favorite places to travel to. My brother and I were pretty much "famous" the first time we went (because of our hair, everyone called us "Ras"; and my brother's slightly uncanny resemblance to to Weezy F. Baby), so walking through the steets of Puerto Plata at night was not a big deal, though tour guides heavily advised not to do so. We met a lot of great families, made some new friends, and partied to the point of post party amnesia.

I have here just a few pictures of our trip. Some pictures will have a little story/caption attached. Hope you enjoy, and if you'd like to see some more vacation stories, post a comment and let me know!

Pops was complaining because he "never gets to take a picture with my DAW-TUH!"

Taking it back to the old school...

I only asked for this drink, known as "The Rainbow", because the name was the first thing I saw on the menu. Be advised: this should not be consumed in the wee hours of the morning.

We even party in the rain, son!

Pops was partying the night away

The unofficial sand logo, lol

Isabella, the Pina Colada lady. We had to buy something from us before she cursed us...literally.

My brother made a lot of new friends on New Years. She's a special one, right?

Me and my new buddy Dany, "but for YOU, it's FREEEE!" LOL. Funny stories about this guy. I'd like to call him the Dominican Young Jeezy.

White Russians before the official countdown.

Me and moms posing for the camera before we head out to the New Years shindig

Everyone rides mopeds, you hear me? EVERYONE.

Get a couple shots in before we leave! Quick!

My fam and our new fam that we met while on vacation. We may be related, some last names match.

I've got bunches more, but I think a few is good enough. The entire album will be posted via Myspace, so if you add me (or have added me already) you can view them there. Hope you enjoyed, because I'm glad to have finally posted this! Woo-hoo! Next up: the mythical 30/30, lol...


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

damn, it feels good.

obama teaching Pictures, Images and Photos
Just think...there was a time when "white house" and "black president" put together in a sentence was downright oxymoronic. But now, hopefully we can all breathe easier knowing that after yesterday, Barack Hussein Obama is officially the 44th President of the United States. There's little controversy surrounding if he's literally the first or not (John Hanson ring a bell? Of course it won't, he's not in the books), but I'll be fair and say that right now it shouldn't even matter at this point, because this one is IN THE BOOKS.

Now, although I'm 30 minutes away from D.C., I preferred to be at home watching history from tv via CNN. Other than the Inauguration itself (I cried enough for everyone on my block), there were definitely some highlights, but here were some things I enjoyed:

-Rev. Joseph Lowery's Inaugural Benediction: classic. He even got his rhyme on toward the end. "The brown can stick around, and the yellow can be mellow..." Who's mad at that?
-Those "Hippies for Obama" buttons. I neeeeeed one!
-Something I did at home: Yelling "Get the fu*k out!" when certain (coughBushcough) people were shown leaving the White House. Glad to see you go, really.
-Spike Lee's fitted: "The NY with the joint!" Spotted him wearing this joint on Good Morning America. It was the topic of discussion for a good 3 minutes before Spike changed the subject.

Definitely a day to remember. We've come a long way, but now it's time for the turnaround. FYI: just because we've accomplished something great does NOT give you the excuse to slack up! This is all the more reason to work harder than before. Personally, I think that as soon as Obama was announced the President Elect, some things should have happened in the atmosphere. It's ridiculous that with this historic change going down, the murder rates in inner cities are slowly skyrocketing. Put the guns down and hug someone. The President looks like YOU!

Peep this, though: Not only do we have a black Pres...he's an African Pres.
I smell revolution...


Sunday, January 18, 2009


*before I begin, I'd like to gloat and say...check out my blog spree, kid.
True, it's not what I've been saying I'll post; truthfully, I know those posts will require more attention and time. This post, the five previous, and maybe more to follow, have been strictly off the cranium. Happenstance, if you will. I'd advise you to enjoy it while it lasts; I'm human, and subject to brain farts, thus; lack of focus/drive from time to time. To be frank: Blogging won't be priority for some time. :)
I'm taking this mental regurgitation as a blessing, because writing is definitely still my second greatest release. Music is still the first love. Although, some would argue that writing/poetry is music. I'm rambling.
To the post.*

I talk about Scuba Steve a lot. But, honestly, at the end of the day; Scuba isn't the one who brought me into this world and basically molded me to love him (ha, my own "I love you", to you babe). I've gotta talk about the woman who knows me better than any person ever will. Seriously. We shared an umbilical cord, man. An umbilical cord.

It's mommy!

Twins, right? Those who know us know that it's terribly difficult to distinguish who's who over the phone; and I've been subject to many an unwanted conversation because people call for moms, assume it's her when it's really me, and keep talking. She's the one who I tell literally everything to; I confide in her even when some things I tell her may hurt her, because she wants to be there for me in any way possible. She helps me when she knows she shouldn't or doesn't have to. We compete against eachother in silly little contests, like the ticket stub count. And no matter how many times she may say it, I really do know a good half of those life lessons she's always talking about. I'm an old soul, and I credit that to her, but she sometimes doesn't give me credit in knowing because...well, she's mommy.
My mother is a mental health therapist. She used to work directly with clients; substance abusers who have mental illnesses, but now she serves as a Grant Director for a counseling program. Smart as a whip. And due to her psychology background, she often benefits in having in-house patients: myself, my brother and father. Last night, my brother and I were tripping because we finally figured out one of moms' tactics. Ha! We finally have it down to a science. It's like this: you're in trouble, and YOUR response could either further the trouble you're in, or kill the whole situation. You can either diffuse the situation, or say the wrong thing and face consequences. The thing about the latter is...she can confuse you; make you think you're off the hook, then the next thing you know, it's 7AM (on your day off) and you're the victim of a random tongue lashing while half asleep. No bueno.

So, moms: we've got you figured out, somewhat. Regardless of the mind games (ohhhhh, the games), you're still an awesome woman. Don't stop being awesome.
I'm only being cheesy-nice because I'm hoping to inherit that psychology gene to use on my children. I've been waiting for so long to say "because I said so!"...*evil laugh*


Friday, January 16, 2009

random time has come again...

Let me just say...I am friggin TIRED. I had a 4:30 AM wake-up call, which meant nothing because I didn't go to sleep until well after 1AM. Nu World's two shows in Harrisburg were excellent, though. Turns out they bused more than half of the city's middle school students to one school just to see us perform. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Now that that's out of the way, I just realized that I'm a ninja. B-)
Not literally, but there aren't a lot of things you guys (or anyone else, really) knows about me. I actually prefer it that way, but for the sake of gathering some more readers of my blog, I figured I'd be Facebook cliche and tell you a few random things about myself. I'm 23, so I'll give you 23 facts...and maybe a freebie. Here we go:

1. In elementary school, my mother wanted me to "stand out" from the other uniform wearing she sewed Kinte cloth fabric onto my already custom tailored unis. My family was also the family that always performed during Black History Month, up until my last year of middle school. You can imagine how social I was by then.

2. I'm a lefty, but I taught myself to write with my right hand when I was 10.

3. I completed one semester of 9th grade at a public high school. I finished high school as a home school student.

4. I used to take karate when I was younger. Got my yellow belt ass kicked by a 3rd degree black belt (they were testing ME to move to green! WTF?!), so I quit. But, I took lessons from my uncle afterward.

5. My biggest life goal is to be Chief Mixer/Engineer of my own recording studio. I got a certificate in AudioWorks from The Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts in Maryland, but it's pretty difficult to break into that business when you're a black female. Two strikes. Ouch. But, I'm working toward my goal; I've been doing a few FOH (Front of House) gigs for some local bands.

6. My younger brother and I make beats, and we've combined forces to create the production duo known as BlackMuzik™ . Click the link to check out some of our tracks, and add us if you like. We've even got beats for sale. Yes, I'm whoring myself. But it's all about the music!

7. I got the nickname "Ziggy" in 7th grade. One of my classmates randomly started adding extra sounds to my name, so it stuck.

8. I collect knives and lighters from different countries. My favorite knife I have so far is made of pewter and wood. I only say it's my favorite because I got it while in Malaysia, and had to sneak it through customs to bring it back home with me. Yeah, I'm bad.

9. I also save my movie ticket stubs for the year. My mother and I like to see who went to the movies more in a year. She won in 2007, and I won in 2008 with 32 ticket stubs.

10. My father started teaching me to play drums when I was a year and a half old.

11. For some odd reason, men who have nice calf muscles (pause: drool.) are a turn on. I also love facial hair. I have NO reason why, though; so asking will get you nowhere, lol.

12. I had my first poem published by the International Library of Poetry when I was 14.

13. I love animals. When I was younger, at one point my family housed: a cockatiel, two short haired hamsters, one cockerspaniel, one shih tzu, one gray tabby, a snapper turtle and a few beta fish. Zoo, maybe? We've now whittled down to Gracie, our black/white tabby, and Sheba, our Johnson American Bulldog. I'm convinced they're both humans reincarnated to animal bodies.

14. The shih tzu I mentioned? My first pet ever, given to me as a 1st birthday present. He died when I was 16, he was 15. I cried like a baby for days.

15. I was on the fourth season of HBO's "The Wire"...and I played a 7th grader. And I'm so serious.

16. I talk to myself a lot. No, not multiple personality talking, but I like to talk things out loud, even when people are around. It sometimes gets me into trouble.

17. I don't have a good track record with females, so my female friends are very few.

18. Ever since my little brother passed away in 2000 (and maybe before then), my connection and encounters with the supernatural have become more frequent. I think it's pretty neat.

19. I have the habits of chewing the inside of my jaw and cracking my knuckles.

20. I've had three career goals in my life so far: meteorologist (ages 6-12), professional basketball player (12-16) and engineer (16-present).

21. I participated in a citywide campaign to spread the word about the HIV/AIDS epedemic. *click "spread the word" to see the commercial*. It was pretty weird to see my face plastered on billboards and public transportation for a few months. I was officially creeped out when a friend of mine called me from the men's bathroom of a club and said, "Yo, I'm taking a piss and looking at your face at the same time! I was about to take this shorty home, but I came in here and saw your I'ma chill." Yikes.

22. I have a sneaker fetish. Not just a "ooooh, these are cute" type fetish, no; I have to be different (thanks to moms mention in #1...hindsight is 20/20)...when it comes to sneakers, or anything I wear really, I hate having something I know other people have. So the sneaks have to be some ridiculous color or pattern for me to even consider copping them. I love Chuck Taylors, and my closet is holding...over 10 pair? Something like that. I also love hoodies, but that's another story.

23. I started getting in trouble a lot when I hit middle school. Not for typical middle school stuff, like cutting, or necking some dude in the basement (lmao@ the story I have about that...not about me though!)...I refused to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance with the rest of the school. After a few debates with my homeroom teacher on why the Pledge is a piece of crap, I was sent to the office to have my mother called. You could literally hear the assistant principal's jaw hitting the floor when my mother told her she wasn't coming to the school for that, because "my daughter has her own beliefs, which stem from my household, and she was not raised on saluting the American flag". Ouuuuuch!

*24. My nephew and I were in the same grade together in school. No one believed he was my nephew. Ever.

**25. Throughout my years as a performer, I've gotten the awesome opportunities to open for the O'Jays, The Last Poets, Amiri Baraka, Desmond Tutu, and countless others. I also featured as a drummer with the UniverSoul Circus when they came to Baltimore.

Alright, so I gave you two freebies. Hopefully this gave you guys a little more insight to the random, kind of awesome, enigmatic mind that is me. If, I don't know what to tell you. Guess you're S.O.L.

btw: I also like comments...hint, hint.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

oh, baltimore pt 3: wtF?! it stands on January 7, 2009, there have already been twelve murders in Baltimore City. By January 4, 2009, there were already four. Literally one a day.

Around this time last year, there were only three murders.

I need to move. ASAP.


I Liked It...But Didn't Want to Put A Ring On It.

For the record, let me say I am not a Beyonce fan.
I'm pretty sure some diehard B fan/stalker just stumbled upon my blog and almost vomited onto his/her "I Am..". cd. Grow up. I said I'm not a fan. Meaning, I love (some of) her music; her business ethics are pretty decent, and she's making money; which I'm not mad at at all. But...I believe that once you've captured a certain crowd, if you're as good as critics say you are, your fans won't mind you growing up musically. With that being said, NO, I did not like "Single Ladies" OR "Diva". She's pushing 30, and she's married. And, to my knowledge, a diva is not the female version of a hustler. Or maybe that's just me. Long story short, I think Beyonce is a great performer, her vocals are hot, and she definitely knows how to make people remember her music. Hell, I'll admit to having a (legal!) copy of "Dangerously In Love". "B-Day" and "I Am..."? Not so much. But, kudos to you, Mrs. Knowles-Carter.

To those uttering that over abused H word past your lips: stop. I am not, nor have I ever been a hater. I admire her hustle, and as I said above, her voice is incredible. I love Beyonce, but I don't have to like everything that she does, right? Right.

Now...if you thought what I said was bad, check out one of my Top 5 (of the moment) fave YouTube videos. And to those B fans cleaning vomit off of your concert ticket stubs, see if you call ME a hater after.

LMMFAO. I swear I laugh every time.
Oh. I'll have those 30/30s and the vacation post soon...but I needed to share this with you guys. You're all welcome.


64...and she's still dope.

I've said it millions of times in this blog, and I'll say it again...Angela Davis is AWESOME! I have yet to meet her (awww), but thanks to Ivan at Hip Hop Is Read, I had the chance to watch her speak out on the Oscar Grant police killing.

If you're not aware of the Oscar Grant story, you can:
1) smack yourself silly for not being aware of the national attention this story has been getting
2)google Oscar Grant
3)check these two videos, smack yourself silly once more...then google Oscar Grant again.
Witness recording of the actual shooting

Angela Davis Speaks About Oscar Grant

Just to brush you up quickly on this story (I don't want to cheat the research!), if you watched the first video you saw the police apprehending a young man on the ground. There's a small struggle, and one officer reaches for his gun and shoots Oscar right in the back. It's been reported that he was shot in the back, but the bullet ricocheted off the ground and through his lung. The officer who shot him has received multiple death threats since the shooting. I'm hoping there's some actual justice brought to this entire situation; the cop needs to be convicted. Point blank.

My prayers go out to Grant's family and loved ones.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

for those who worried....

...if you did at all..
I'm not dead! Yayyyyy!
Seriously, it's been almost 3 weeks (yikes!), and I've missed a lot of poems, random posts from the Bad Sum Bitch, 30/30 challenges, et cetera; et cetera. However, there are perfectly reasonable explanations for my absence. As you know, the family took a vacation toward the end of last year. Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic will definitely miss us, but I have lots of pictures and stories to post, so I digress. As SOON as I got back to the U.S., I was faced with something that I've never experienced before, so my brain's crisis control was a little on the fritz trying to find ways to cope. I guess there are no red buttons to push in my cerebrum, so my brain said "SHUT DOWN...NOW!"...and I found myself basically a hermit for almost a week. But alas, I'm here, I'm alive...and I've got lots of crap to post!

As soon as I can get everything in order, you'll be annoyed by me soon. Funny stuff, vacation pics, the rest of the 30/30 (which I'm thoroughly pissed about; they should have posted automatically!), and whatever random things cross my mind.

Happy '09, peoples. It's late, I know; but it still counts.