Friday, June 5, 2009

Haiku: Common Cents (Economy Edition)

My shoes may not be
The freshest but please believe
My phone is still on.

Just a little something I wrote to myself when I was thinking about the last time I've been in a mall. =( It's been a minute.


riva. said...

soooo true.
i'd stopped checking because you'd been off your bloggage a while.
glad to see you're back. :-)


☼K☺nค☼ said...

aww too

Ziggy Za. said...

Riv-Thank you! Had to take a break, couldn't run around like I was and blog. My eyes would have popped. I'm back, though. :D

Devin-Awwww yes!

Best [Spliff]Roller Alive. said...