Thursday, August 27, 2009

Occupations and Irony

If you remember this post, you'll remember my frustration with finding a new job at the beginning of the summer. My time was running out, and although I had the money to keep bills paid while unemployed, the fact that I would be "temporarily unemployed" is what fueled me most.

I'm happy to say that on this coming Monday (8/31), I'll be starting my new job!

Once again; I find myself in the missionary position (NO innuendo!), working as a Therapeutic Aide for the good ol' Baltimore City Public School System. I'm not a teacher in a sense, but I will be observing and assisting one student with special needs for the entire school year. I've already gotten my case file, and confidentiality prevents me from giving any more details...but it looks like I'll have my hands full.

The funnier thing, besides my always ending up with children, is the conversation I had on the phone with my employer yesterday. I was told I would be receiving a phone call late yesterday with my choice of schools to pick from. I never got to hear the list, because as I was told the first school my employer also discovered that said school is 5 minutes away from me--

"Oh, that's perfect! [closes folder] That's where you'll be, then. Here's your client's information..."

So, here's the thing: The school that I've ragged on, blogged about, and little bro graduated from, is the school I'll be working in. Yes. The same school that had its own HBO documentary.

This will be an interesting school year.


Little Miss Knobody said...

I remember that documentary. Congrats on fnding a job. I'm sure you'll be great at it! :)

Ziggy Za. said...

Miss Knobody- Thanks! I keep thinking about "Lean On Me" when I think about Monday, so we'll see. LMAO