Thursday, August 27, 2009

An Explanation.

I realized my followers and the ones I follow deserve one.

Just because I haven't been posting frequently here, doesn't mean I haven't been posting at all.

I have another blog; no, not because one provider is better, but because I was looking for a different avenue to blog about my music, reviews, etc. I've found a nice little niche in the blogosphere, and it's here.

Now, I've posted about BlackMuzik on this blog before, but my Tumblr blog will host nothing but BlackMuzik updates, new music, news about us and my opinions on the art today, of course. Please feel free to check it out, and follow if you're a fellow Tumblr.

Hell, follow if you're not a fellow Tumblr. Some of yall mofos have Google Reader, I know it!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'm updated!