Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dear Dr. Dre,

As a fan of your music and business ethics, I’m sorry to say you’ve officially lost your rabbit ass mind. Almost 3 stacks for a laptop and at least $300 for your headphones? Really?

I understand that there are people in the industry who use the headphones, and your name is a brand in itself, so your products are expected to be a little pricey…but this is ridiculous.

What about your die hard fans; who can identify with NWA lyrics, or songs from The Chronic; that can’t afford a way out of their own neighborhood, much less something to listen to your music from? What about that little boy/girl who, dispite the musical influences around him/her today, wants to be the next Dre? How do they feel when they see that their favorite person in the entire world is trying to rape their pockets for their lunch money?

Did you at least take one tip from Stephon Marbury?

As an engineer, I can honestly say that Beats by Dre headphones are no better than any Sennheisers, Bose or Sonys I’ve worked with. Sennheisers have the same design on most of their headphone models, and their prices start at 70 bucks. Bose still reigns supreme in the audio industry, as does Sony. Your name should not give you reason to jack your prices up $100+. And very rarely do I hear someone mention your headphones for the actual performance, but comment on the looks instead.

I had been keeping this in for a long time now, but I heard news about your new laptop and went berserk. An HP laptop with the sound designed by people who work on your music, which is cool…but let’s face it, poor quality mp3s are what give laptops crappy sound. And how much of “your” sound can we really get out of laptop speakers?!

Dre, you’re slapping all your fans in the face for this one. The people who buy your albums legally, supported your tours and concerts when you were active in the industry. They’re pissed.

Stop being a dick and consider the fans.

Still Bumping The Chronic,
Ziggy The Chief

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