Thursday, December 11, 2008

And so it begins: Poem 1/30

I've decided to jump right in and start this 30/30. I wanted to further challenge my intellect by restricting myself to a theme (maybe?), but I think I'll just freewrite and up the ante on my next go round. Yes, I plan on doing this again. Talk about mental calisthenics?! If you're one of those people that gets told to "write it down" a lot, you should definitely try this out. It doesn't necessarily have to be poetry; are the rules really set in stone? Are there rules at all?
I've procrastinated enough. Here we go...

Who Will Tell Them?

that long before they were a thought in mommy and daddy's eyes
we made the Earth spin with a snap of our fingers
spun the stars from our black hands into a black sky
we are He who created above and below
we are the In Between
who will tell them
that we mastered the sciences
built pyramids from sand
the secrets of mathematics ingrained in our lands
all fell at our feet to learn what we know
multi dimensional spiritual beings with no limit to our growth
who will tell them
the black man to run the white house is only one small piece of our puzzle
one minute result of the constant struggle
surviving bondage like no other people
great leaders shot down because they preached we're all equal
who will tell them
that the whole world fears us
taking ownership of what we taught them
erased from all history books; even our potential is too powerful
mind is the rarest of gems
producing thoughts and ideas more precious than time itself
who will tell them we've been bred to be afraid of ourselves
the three fifths mentality ringing louder than freedom's bell
turned us into a word to bring us down
but your mind is too sharp; watch you turn it around
who will tell them their education is doomed for a reason
facts hidden because tapping into yourself is taboo; forbidden
tell them they have to find it on their on, awaken the warrior inside that's been sleeping too long
who will tell him that he does not have to be another statistic
that there really are more of you in college than there are in prison
tell him that he is the 2nd time Jesus has Risen
tell him men who looked like him once ran empires
mental will always grow too strong, so just for him they build jails
they don't have to be sport figures or rappers, fashion designers or actors
possibilities are endless because we birthed them
tell him his blood is of the first biologist and heart surgeon
who will tell her
that "video ho" is not her predestined titled
that what's in her will someday make her someone's idol
tell her that she is designed after Mother Earth
nurturing the world before her own birth
tell her that the tv is not a mirror
she is the creation that spawned beauty itself
but media butchers her image, take advantage of her wealth
tell her that her body is built as is for a reason
that behind her eyes lies the ability to change the very seasons
tell them
they are not only descendants but the infinite coming of greatness
it is more than our style that gives people reason to hate us
that there is no logic or honor in holding their heads down
God spoke you here, and on your head He placed a crown
tell them when they are called other than the name they were given
that person is hurting the very world that they live in
thell them they shouldnt be afraid to let anyone know who they are
their ancestor's determination brought them this far
tell them that even their pigment is a wonder
the thing that divides us all, is what also brings us back to one
black and brown skin mimicking our close relationship with the Sun
tell them not to retaliate with more hate
there's no need to bother
for them hating us is like a child hating his Father
tell them that they are Shaka, Tut, Nefitiri, Martin, Malcolm, Angela, Angelou, Biko, Selassia, Kuti, Garvey, Makeba, Huey, Cleaver, Hughes, Assata, Giovanni, Pryor, Mac, Hayes, Obama, Mother Moore, Cosby, Cochran, Ashe, Robinson, Davis, Jr., Poitier, Pittman, Parks, Till, Evers...
their history goes deeper than that of the deepest wells
tell them.
but first, we must once again tell ourselves.


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Mocha' said...

Love it!
Truly powerful meaning.