Friday, December 12, 2008

the "Boss" has me lost.

First thing's first:
I probably should've posted something about this album a little earlier, but it's really never too late. I deem it a classic. In my opinion, he makes up greatly for Release Therapy, which wasn't all that great. Lyricism is a plus on Theater, and of course you can expect some made-for-the-club hits, i.e. "One More Drink" feat. Mr. Autotunes himself, T-Pain.

Now, I'm okay with having featured artists on your album, but I believe that (a) they should not come with a better verse than you (Em's first verse; "Renegade" ring a bell?), but at the same time they should (b) not have a completely garbage verse, either. Everyone's favorite Boss/Correctional Officer totally misses both marks on Luda's track "Southern Gangsta". It was already my least favorite track on the album to begin with, but Rick Ross certifies it roadkill with this opening line:

"I got a letter from the government the other day//I opened it, read it//It said we were hustlers..."
No, I have not altered his line for my own sake. Dude really said that.WTF? What the hell are you talking about? I would post the song, but I'd rather not taint my post with his wackness. =/ Check out imeem and get one of the imeem wizards to pull the song up for you.
If anyone understands what he's talking about and wouldn't mind breaking it down to me, please don't hesitate to drop me a comment.
Have your own picks for wackest lines/verses? Post them here.

btw: expect 2/30 later in the day.


amirah: the uncool said...

"you think your ish don't stink but you are Mrs. PU."
Lil Wayne in "See You In My Nightmares".

that was the first thing I could think of at the

Ziggy Za. said...

LMAO, that line is good enough. Hell, it's better than Ross'. Sheesh! He sucks.

Mike Valentino said...

Woah. Hold up a minute. Ems verse on Renegade was good, but it wasn't better than Jay's. I'm sorry. It just wasn't. Jays verse is real life poetics. Em is just throwing a bunch of words around. Plus I think it's funny how he went from a comical superhero with cartoon violence verses to a hardcore gangster. Marshal Mathers is not better than Jay-Z. Not on that song. Not on any song. Even Jay's worst material (Sunshine?) is better than Slim Shady.

Ziggy Za. said...

True, Jay's verse is real life poetics, but that's something that he just spits naturally. Jay's a poet, a dope one at that. And true, Marshall Mathers isn't better than Jay; I don't even listen to him much anymore since he started hanging around G-Unit. But with lines like "...but I'm debated, disputed, hated and viewed in America//As a muthaf*kin' drug addict like you didn't experiment...", I can't help but dig Em's verse a little more.

LMAO@ the "Sunshine" reference. That was low.