Sunday, December 14, 2008

poem 4/30: family reunion

"You know Man's locked up"
Laughed at the irony of that statement
Man never became a man
Came to that fork in the road and turned back when he decided to touch her with his man-child hands
Took advantage of her admiration for him
Little tomboy got a fave big cousin
Things appeared to be all good, but really wasn't
Tainting her innocence with his ignorance
He didn't know any better
Turning her childhood games into future backstories for therapy sessions
She never wants to play "house" again
Introduced her to things she shouldn't know about
Until she begins to question them on her own
Grown up roles, but neither of them is grown
Pissed off every time she went to his house to see his mother wasn't home
Didn't know what this thing was
But knew what your aim was
Showing her that she's already mentally too much for you
Man's in a Man's body
With a boy's frame of mind
She feels sorry for him
Nearly a grown ass man
Taking something he should get from his future girlfriend
Fuck buddy
From a little girl's forced touch
Then get around the family and pretend you loved her so much...
too much.
She wouldn't eat at family cookouts
One look from him would have grilled food hitting hot pavement
Reminding her of that pissy ass basement
Something she's done hard to repress
But hearing his name today reopened that hole in her chest
All she can do is continue to live
And over time find the will to forgive
She just prays no breakdown when she sees your face
And hopes his memory won't smudge out her future husband's place
Such a stain on her life she wishes to leave in the past
" know Man's out now..."
And she just laughs.

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