Thursday, December 25, 2008

wow! sorry, guys.

Let me first start this post by apologizing. I've been M.I.A. for a little over a while now (thanks for reminding me, Riv (o:); neglecting to comment on your posts and not even updating my own. Just to explain some of what's been going on, my best friend lost her grandmother a few days ago, a young girl I mentor lost her grandmother to cancer, after losing her father earlier this year to the same illness; and my aunt passed away last Tuesday. Not to mention the fact that I had two performances last weekend in D.C., my aunt's funeral to drum for this past Monday, and a show later that evening. Very hectic time for me and close ones around me, so this blog has been low on my priorities list. So, I apologize once again. But...I'm here to play a good game of catch up!

I haven't been posting my poetry for 30/30, but it's up to date in my journal, so what I plan to do here is go back to the last one I've posted and pick up from there. That means the poems will be posted on the days they were written (ex: poem #3/30 was written on 12/13, etc.). You'll have to go back and check them out, but I'll do us all a favor and post links to each one on this blog, since this is the most updated so far.

I won't be in town for New Years; taking a vacation with the family. I'll post pictures of where I am when I come back. But, this also means that I won't be able to finish my last few poems for my 30/30...ha! I've been thinking ahead. I kind of cheated (it's for you guys!) and wrote my last three poems; I'll type them here and they'll post on the dates they were written for. Thanks, Blogger, for that lovely "post date and time" option.

With all this said, I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays--whatever it is you celebrate--and enjoying your wrap-up of 2008. Personally, it was a little rough toward the end, but I made it through alive and in good 2009 must be the shit. LOL. Again, I won't be here on New Years (Busboys and Poets, Riv; damn you!) so I'll say Happy New Years now. Enjoy the poetry, and I'll see you all in '09!


here are the links for poems 4-14. enjoy.

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