Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gosh Darn Right, I'm Feelin' Myself.

Well, we're feeling ourselves.
If you listen to the music on this very blog, you're awesome beyond most awesome. If not, I suggest you get to a PC and turn the speakers uppppppppp!!!!!!
A big 'thank you' to the readers who have commented or sent me e-mails about my music. It's all deeply appreciated!
I said it before, and it won't kill me or you if I mention it my playlist, all tracks that are a creation of BlackMuzik is marked with an *.
I suggest you take a listen to the first song on the playlist. I think it's jammin'.

I've finally decided to start talking a little more about my joint venture with my fam. I was apprehensive at first; I'd like this blog to maintain a non-commercial feel, but I also realize that the internet is a very powerful tool...and there are a lot of people reaping the benefits of wackness whilst I sit back in amazement at the newest dance craze via Youtube (wtF is a Ricky Bobby?!). I'm also no fool, I know networking is a small piece in the puzzle to my success. So, why not use it and try my chances just as others have? Right, Susan Boyle? I won't bombard you with polls, try to sell you "I Heart BlackMuzik" t-shirts or remind you that a mixtape is dropping. But; there will be member introductions, and I will inform you on the music we're making, the moves we're going to make, and our overall progress as a company.

Curious or not, this post is the intro to the series of posts that will be about BlackMuzik--who we are, what we do and our plans of world domination.
Stay tuned.



☼K☺nค☼ said...

I feel you Z we all gonna be on that BlackMuzik scene soon.

Gee-Nah Muh-Ree said...

Go girl .. *
I'm already a fan ..♥

the YOUNG LIONESS said...

ok ok ok I see you with the domination!

{{EsTelle}} said...

ok soo umm im really diggin blackmuzik right now yall got it going i dig it!

TheBest [Spliff]Roller Alive. said...

BlackMuzik Creates Classicz.