Friday, April 3, 2009

Ziggy's Friday Forethought 5: Sunspiration.

I had another post in mind, but as soon as I started, the sun came back out and I literally felt my energy level shoot through the roof. So, I learned something else about myself today: the sun serves as my inspiration!

Allow me to explain. I love all seasons, but we all know that fall is my all-time favorite. I started noticing that when it started to get colder and darker, not only did my body shrink (as does everyone else's--it's science!), but so did my motivation to do anything worthwhile. Not a depression thing, but I just couldn't get inspired to write any poetry, or write anything for that matter. My mind was just collecting dust. My blog suffered as well, I couldn't find anything to post; and when I did, by the time I reached my PC the thrill was gone. I chalked it up as another loss and tried again, only to meet the same fate. I thought something was wrong with me.

But then...

All this beautiful weather comes about, and now I'm filled with lines, stanzas, music, blogs...EVERYTHING! It's funny how we as human beings tend to take "little" things for granted. You never really know how much something like the weather will affect you. If you check the news, suicide and clinical depression rates rise during the winter months. Surprising? Not to me. It's dreary outside. Not motivational at all. The Sun serves as our energy source. It's like...chakra food. And a little note to melanin challenged folks, but our ancestors literally thrived on the energy given off from the Big Star, so it's in our blood to be at our best during the times of the year where it's warm and full of light outside.

I'm going to test my theory on the weather, and I'd like you all to pay attention as well. My guess is that there will be some inflation within my blog posts come May-October, as those are the months when the weather warms up, gets hot and cools back down. I'm sure it'll happen; it's beautiful outside today and I'm already getting the itch to no longer be behing this desk. Looking at the outside from the inside on a day like this is pure torture. And, I'm challenging you guys to give it a shot as well. Having a crappy day? Just go sit outside, with no music to accompany you, and meditate. You'll be surprised at how clear your head will be after just a few minutes. Personally, I like to go out into my backyard, find a nice piece of grass (lmao. Meaning the grass on the ground) and just breathe. It feels great! Trust me. You'll like it.

I'm finally off! Gonna go and enjoy the last few hours of this awesome day.
The picture I posted makes me want to leave the country all over again. *sigh*
Be blessed, and enjoy your weekend!




I know exactly what you mean, the cold weather killed my motivation, well that and the excessive amount of ....#*&$! I smoked. ;)

But im all fired up now.

You have gorgeous smile btw.

Gee-Nah Muh-Ree said...

Dude you're so cute ..

I don't know if it was the seasons or what but I just been brain dead. I haven't been able to write in forever. It sucks ...

I love this new blog scheme ..
Black is sexy lol

I love that pic of you on the lil kid thingy

Ziggy Za. said...

Dirty Russian-Thanks for following!

Glad you're all...fired...up and ready to go! Doesn't it feel great when the inspiration just comes flying back?

Gee-Nah-I've hit a pretty bad bout of brain fart myself, and it does suck. I'm sure it'll all be back in no time, and I'm talking about you as well!

LOL. Needed to take it back to the basic black. I'll let my blog do the talking from now on, instead of my background. And blogger's coding isn't that great to begin with.

Thank you both for the compliments, my smile is sponsored by Arm and Hammer baking soda.

And isn't my ride fresh?!