Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"I wrote this blog a long time ago, it was the dopest blog I ever wrote..." '94.

Okay, not really; but here's something I posted on my Myspace blog a while back, before I discovered the blogger world. It was one of those long, long nights when thinking too hard can lead to...well, what you're about to read. It's basically a collections of things I've learned in Life's Relationships Course. Strictly my own opinion, of course, but if you feel the need to share your thoughts on the four letter word that gets us all in trouble, don't hesitate to drop a comment.

Love gives someone else the ability to hurt you more than you could ever hurt yourself. By either saying or returning those three words, and meaning them, you're opening yourself to a world that's new to you; and sometimes you may never figure it out. Walk the roads with the skeletons in your closet as your buddy system, you may have to return to them for twisted guidance. Past hurt will either tell you what to do, or what NOT to pursue. The only choice you have in love is when to love harder; stopping is an option, but sometimes not an easy one. Love can sometimes equal to stupidity, it can be compared to staring directly into the sun; looking into something so beautiful for so long may blind you.

Be careful in love, some make it out with their sanity, some not at all. Each experience should be taken as a lesson, take notes; there will be pop quizzes. The final exam is in the end...have you grown? Or have you been blinded too much to grow?

When asking "what's wrong?", "nothing" will be the loudest word you ever hear. Period.

Silence can kill you, fill the room like the coldest tension. Making the first move could be like stepping out onto a minefield. The smallest thing can set off the most disastrous reaction; think and choose your words wisely.

Love also has a positive, brighter side. Growth, maturity, maybe wisdom. Some of the greatest lessons in life can be learned in love, if "done" correctly. Love is selflessness. Despite the popular saying, love IS saying sorry. Humility is often a trait human beings lack; love will help you to develop this. Love can make you smarter, a relationship is a general waste if you aren't learning. It is acceptance under all conditions, and in that, it's learning that sometimes there is no such thing as a "flaw"; just a personality trait that you may not have.
Love is maturity when, God forbid, it's all over.

Love is not stagnation. If you feel there's nowhere to go in a relationship, sticking around and waiting for change is pointless as well as naive.
Love is laughter, anger, sadness. How you cope with the emotional rollercoaster will affect you for your lifetime. Love is never perfect, because perfection doesn't exist. Fairy tales aren't even perfect until the end. Love is truth even when it hurts, that's when it counts most.
Love is a ride and a journey. YOUR decisions in love will ultimately affect not only your life, but that of your mate. Your thoughts are ultimately his/her thoughts, use those wisely, as well.
Love is loving yourself harder make it a breeze loving someone else just as hard.


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