Friday, February 27, 2009

Ziggy's Friday Forethought*: Haters.

*this post was inspired by a conversation I overheard at work today. Of course I couldn't say anything to the customer, but if I could have, it would have went a little something like this...
It's time to bury the word HATER.

I'll make this short and to the point: over the past few years, the word "hater" has become some sort of verbal monster; being spewed out of mouths of any and everybody. As soon as you so much as disagree with the way a person breathes, you're labeled a hater. Maino released "Hi Hater" and I practically laughed my ass off; I wasn't aware that Maino was known or cared about enough to have haters in the first place.

Worse than the abuse of the word is the actual reasoning behind why people use it. Some people love to say they have haters for the most minimal of reasons--just because someone doesn't like the color of those Chucks you have on does not constitute them as a hater, genius. They just don't like the color. Now, if that person happens to hop in their car and roll over your Chucks with your feet still in them, yelling something like "You'll never wear another pair of Chucks again, mutha f&*^@!", they miiiiight be a hater. Or in serious need of a room with padded walls and a jacket so they can hug themselves all day.

In closing: kill it, people. There's nothing wrong with people disagreeing with your style/way of life/occupation/etc. No one has to like or appreciate everything you do. However, if there are people who spread vicious rumors or basically attack your character, that person is unhappy and could be labeled a hater. Other than that, keep it moving; realize that in life, there are some people who thrive on being unhappy, and you could be the fuel that keeps them going.

By the way, if you're one of those people who are constantly claiming to have haters, but have no evidence to back it up whatsoever? Anddddd not only do you make the claim, but notice that people tend to stay away from you? Anddddd you're a person who, with the more haters you claim to have, the less friends you actually keep?
You don't have haters. You're probably just an asshole.
You're welcome.

*I'm debating on having Friday Forethoughts as a regular thing; probably to be typed during my last half hour of work. Thoughts, anyone?


chanel said...

i definitely agree with you. i hate that everyone claims to have haters, perhaps we really don't like the way you act or whatever. i hate these stupids on myspace with their hatin quotes. like please nobody cares about you, you just look like a damn fool. ha.
friday forethoughts are nice.

Little Miss Knobody said...

"You don't have haters. You're probably just an asshole.
You're welcome."

I laughed when I read that because it's so true! I never thought about until now that most people claiming to having "haters" are probably just assholes...and it's definitely a difference.

Naomie said...

haha! just like swag, the word hater has run it's course

i say keep the friday forethoughts =D

nianicole said...

frankly, i just don't like the way people kept saying they LOVE HATE-rs. that's just arkward saying. and i tell everybody that same guess what they call

Ziggy Za. said...

Chanel-The Myspace stats/display names are definitely out of hand now. Blah, I say...blah! LOL

Miss Knobody-Think about it...don't you hate it when people brag about any and everything and use having haters to basically throw something in your face?
"Man, everybody is hatin' on my new whip! Just cuz I got the Genesis Coupe don't mean..." and blah blah blah. Now...don't you go home and call that person an asshole? Or perhaps blog about it? LMAO. Exactly! :)

Naomie-Sawg...I could say so much about that word. LOL, next blog!

Nia-A hater? Not you! LOL, it's always like that. Conformity is in! Please note: that was sarcasm.

*and Friday Forethoughts are in! Thanks!*

the YOUNG LIONESS said...

i agree! anytime someone has a dispute they have haters

perhaps not...

the word hater is becoming an excuse now to not listen to opposing sides

it must be killed

great post!

Ziggy Za. said...

Thanks! You are right, sometimes people just use the word as an excuse to not listen to another opinion. People can't agree to disagree anymore, they just hate.