Tuesday, February 10, 2009

BET does something right...word?

It happened again! Another nerdgasm!

BET redeemed themselves for their (mostly) sucky programming with last night's BET Honors. Hosted by Gabrielle Union, BET paid recognition to pioneers and legends in the African American community such as Tyler Perry, Mary J. Blige, Magic Johnson and a personal favorite of mine, Judith Jamison.

Music was great; each honoree got a special performance by artists like Anthony Hamilton, Queen Latifah, Stevie Wonder, Monica (she's back!), Anita Baker...

pause. Anita Baker's performance gave me chills! Best performance of the night by far. Performing right after Monica to honor Mary J. Blige, she definitely brought the old school vibe to the forefront, singing one of her hits, "Rapture". Although Anita brought the vocal fire, Monica got a standing ovation for her performance, and more for her heart-to-heart moment with Mary on stage, where she was quoted to say "...most of all, you taught me to love myself, and let him catch up with the woman that I've become..." Wow! Even my brother stood up and applauded her for that. Scuba stood up and gave me a kiss. Awww.

Anita is truly an example of the music I miss and love. Whoooooo!

If you watched, what were your favorite moments? You know how to let me know...drop those bombs! And by bombs...I mean comments. :)


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Mocha' said...

My favorite moment was Anita Baker's performance.
It was great to see her perform.
She's so beautiful,and her singing is amazing!
The dancers from Alvin Ailey,did a wonderful job,too.