Friday, February 13, 2009

my official valentine's day post: so what?

I'm in love with love as much as the next near-mid-20s woman, but when it comes to Valentine's me the Scrooge.

...well, maybe not the Scrooge, but there's nothing about this "holiday" that sends me into some estrogen charged frenzy. It's just another day, just like today. Friday the 13th? So what? Valentine's Day? And, your point is? The Hallmark headquarters are probably having a huge office party right now; V-Day is second (behind Christmas) in money spent on cards, candy, flowers and all things red with hearts. Sure, it's a beautiful idea; 24 hours of professing your undying love to your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, partner, lover, FwB or FB (and I don't mean Facebook). But, realistically, why not make everyday your own Valentine's Day?

Of the few female friends I have, more than half of them have expressed the need to have something done for them tomorrow. Someone's boyfriend better get her this, and someone's boyfriend better take her out tomorrow, or he's in trouble; etc. But the reality for that half is...they don't get anything else on any other day. So, my opinion is this: if you're so caught up in ONE DAY, you have subconsciously submitted to the fact that you are worth one day of pampering, love, affection, what have you. So...if your mate only makes you feel special tomorrow, what about the other 320 days left in this year? Do they not count since you got your spa treatment, dinner, concert tickets and good loving on V-Day? Think about it.
Scuba and I talked recently about tomorrow and we both reached the agreement that it's really not a big deal. I don't ask for much, and he surprises me at random with little things all of the time. I think that's enough. Sure we may go out tomorrow (duh...gotta see some people get hacked up by my man Vorhees), but I'm not expecting bells and whistles because some naked baby with a bow and arrow is being celebrated.

For those who are doing it big, celebrating V-Day with the most expensive gifts, outings and long ass Zales receipts: have fun. I'm not someone who totally detests any of these things, they're just not for me. But whatever floats your boat...

For the people who are somewhat salty about not having a Valentine for tomorrow: be your own Valentine. How about that? That way you can only be upset with yourself for not picking up a last minute card. If you don't like the idea, there's always April 14.