Thursday, February 19, 2009

just for kicks: peep the header photo...

...yeah, the picture at the tippy top of the blog. The biiiig picture.
Ha, it's me. Just had a sweet moment of nostalgia with moms for a quick second; started looking at pictures from yesteryear. You know, sit on the couch and reminisce for hours type of nostalgia. That picture was taken in a time where my daddy's short fro was still only slightly peppered with gray, and me and mommy's hair was cornrowed in similar patterns...with wooden beads, thank you. It also reminds me of a time I sometimes miss most; a time when phrases like "bank account" and "payment due" weren't in my not-too-limited vernacular. A time when I had no idea what cooties even was...and what was the big deal about boys, anyway?? The only thing I was concerned with was being in front of the tv in time for Care Bears, Smurfs, Reading Rainbow (my all-time-FAVORITE); and making sure I carried my "My First Library" series with me whereever I went.

Ahhhh. I really, really miss those days.

But...check the Garfield nightgown, though. And...are those minnie mouse slippers?
Who's working on building a time machine?! Sheesh!



riva. said...

lol @ time machine comment.
BIG LMAO @ the picture.
That wasssss sooo me back in the day. Yet, everything had elmo on it. For some reason my mom thought it was my favorite charater. Ehhh, Fresh Prince was my favorite "character". Nice throwback though.


The Notorious Z.A.G. said...

Ooooh I had that nightgown in purple (my sis had the pink one)!! Its easy to forget those times, but so much fun to look back and reminisce. Pound Puppies, Reading Rainbow... and I know you had to watch Carmen Sandiego (I might have been around 9 or 10 when that was on tho.)... I'm waiting on that time machine too!!

Ziggy Za. said...

Now that I think about it, I never had any favorite characters, either. I liked cartoons, loved Care Bears, but Reading Rainbow?
My crack.

Name Twin!-
Carmen Sandiego was hot back in the day, had the game for PC and everything. B-) Mad you brought the Pound Puppies back, though. LMAO

Abrasively Brilliant said... bears? Pound puppies? Carmen san diego Yo?!? ....I watched Voltron ...& Rockford Files ...&Barnaby Jones; Gangsta shit. ..andonoccazionlikeeverydayIwouldwatchsmurfs*cough*

Ziggy Za. said...

LMAO, nothing wrong with those Smurfs, man.