Friday, February 20, 2009

If This Is A Joke...I'm Not Laughing.

Allow me to begin this blog with a backstory. I've been having this idea for a post regarding everyone's favorite...DJ? Overpaid hypeman? Loudmouth? Pick one, either way...I'm talking about DJ Khaled. Chances are, if you've listened to the radio (blah) once or twice in the past 3 or 4 years, you've probably heard his high pitched voice interrupting some million-artist-featured (which, by the way, starts to become the same crew of people) track, reassuring you that "WE DA BEST!"

So, after I did that little intro, I was going to pose the question: Will Khaled Really Go In This Time? Then I was going to briefly touch on his growing beef with 50 Cent, who has officially kicked everything into the millionth gear by bringing Khaled's moms into the beef. I was going to include a link to this video (since embedding is disabled on almost each one available), T-Pain's "Karaoke"; a video in which Khaled can be seen kicking over tables and pointing in elderly people's faces, threatening to "pull their skirts" and "go in"...let's not forget his promise to always "Go HARD".

Once I was done with establishing my story, I would briefly question if, at the heightening of this Fif/Ross/Khaled beef; said DJ would finally sh*t or get off the pot by "going hard" and "going in" as he claims he always does. On someone else's track. I mean, I always hear him saying something to this degree, but I have seen nothing that would make me say, "Yo! That dude Khaled really goes hard!"
I was going to let the readers know how peeved I am at this guy for making money by doing absolutely nothing. My story was going to be the bees knees, I swear it.
Then, I read this story, and now I don't know if I want to laugh or cry.

"Khaled, known as of late for bringing slews of artists together on his popular posse cuts will officially be taking over Def Jam's southern division, once led by legendary rapper Scarface."
"Khaled will oversee such artists' releases as Ludacris, Young Jeezy and Ace Hood. Rick Ross, who has worked with Khaled on numerous projects, will have the fist album released during Khaled's tenure - the upcoming Deeper Than Rap."

Wait. The hypeman is going to be PRESIDENT of DEF JAM South?! Where the hell have I been?! How did this happen?! Does anyone else see a problem with this? He's going to be overseeing artists that have been in the game longer than him. Wow.
I'm officially afraid of the future of Hip Hop.
If Weezy's rock album goes platinum the first week out...I may just take a blogging hiatus.

So I found the video after finishing the post...didn't want to go back and edit, so here it is at the end. Check your dude Khaled out: threatening or annoying? You be the judge.
btw: I'm really hoping that the article was really some sort of pre-April Fool's joke. HipHopDX is known for dropping a few phony funnies.


the YOUNG LIONESS said...


wack ass, lol

Michael DeAntonio said...

I wanna know why that large white dude with the green shoe laces is yelling nigga at a bunch of old people? Oh, wait, he's black? He's the dj? He's a "good" dj? Best dj around? Really?

I'm going back to sleep.

Oh, and seeing you in Garfield pajamas makes me want to give you a big platonic hug.

Ziggy Za. said...

I concur. He sucks eggs. But...the PRESIDENT of a major record label? I mean, if he can get a job...I know I'm gonna make it somewhere.

Let me tell you, I saw your name in my comments and said "who the hell is Mike DeAntonio?" But now I see it's you, so...
Where have you been!? You went missing, and I was sad. Glad to see you're back, though.
Your comment was hilarious, that's generally how I feel about this guy. Talentless, but making millions. Seems to be a disease in the industry.

And platonic hugs are okay with me. :o)

amirah. said...


what in the...yo, this just ruined my day!!!

the dude that doesn't rap, but make beats, and is SUPER annoying becomes PRESIDENT OF DEF JAM SOUTH?!?!

I'm afraid of hip-hop's future, especially the south's future.



Ziggy Za. said...

Allow me to rain on your parade a little more.

...I don't think Khaled even produces. All of those artist driven tracks he's yelling on? Produced by Cool and Dre, or The Runners.

But I'm reallllly hoping to see an April Fool's post in a few weeks.

The Notorious Z.A.G. said...

He da beeeest!!!
LOL, stop hatin on DJ Khaled's skinning and grinning ass... He's like that "friend" that you have/had that tried to be the someone that they thought you wanted them to be... But just came off as wack and chee-Z and annoying.
Def Jam South president??? I mean really? That has to be a kick in the ass to people who actually deserve that position. I don't know much about this dude and his work ethic I'll be the first to admit, but from what I see from mainstream "entertainment" this just seems like a joke. He's a meeeeeeess!!

Abrasively Brilliant said...

Yo... it'z like putting the kid who'z relatively good with legos in charge of an architectural firm.... How the FFFUCK can U conduct a buziness meeting with a dude who only speaks in phrasez!?

amirah. said...

ok...I'm really afraid of the future.



Ziggy Za. said...

Name Twin-
They went from having Scarface as Pres, to Khaled?! There's a problem.

I imagine the meeting will go something like...hell, I don't know what it'll sound like.

It's getting pretty bad. My iPod is all set for throwback mode--nothing but the classics for me.