Thursday, November 13, 2008

i HATE band season, but this guy's pretty awesome.

I hate Morgan State's Marching Band season.
Let me clarify. I love the band. Their horn sections would make Gabriel take notice. The drumline...damn, the drumline. Sickness.
But...if you don't mind not having a life, social or otherwise; and alienation of your family is fine to you, you won't have a problem with the marching band's schedule. Personally, I think it's garbage. LOL, I only have a vendetta against them because it's been keeping me from someone I consider to be a very important person in my life.

This guy?
This is Duane.
And I realized two days ago why I can (and do) call him my best friend.

LOL, I know for a fact that Duane's reading this, so I'm gonna use this time and make this personal. There is a reason to this post (underlying theme: GROWTH), so ride with me for a while or hop out here. Thanks.

So....Duane! The family misses you, man. Jabari, Chao and I were actually talking about you a couple of days ago, and in our conversation I finally came to the realization that you're a grown man now! Wow! When the hell did that happen? We've been around eachother all our lives, the notion of you growing up on me never came to mind. But, here you are now, Mr. Popular at your school, with your facial hair and deep voice, having your own make me sick. :)
Seriously though, I thought about all the times our friendship was tested because of those blasted Morgan Bears, and I thought that maybe it was time for me to let you do you. You seem to have fun hanging out with your band colleagues, so why not let others see the light that I see in you, right? I mean, our friendship was almost over in '06, but now that I look back on the whole situation and the events surrounding it...maybe I was being selfish. We both know you haven't had the most splendid time making friends and all--I'll keep it simple and say children are cruel--but now that you're basically a friggin' social butterfly, I guess I'll relax my friend/motherly instincts and back off. I've only missed one band showcase, and that was the last one I missed. You should expect to hear your very own "Dooooooooooane!!!!!!!!!" section drowning out all the others come December 6th. Ha.

All this rambling was done to say this: Duane, you're an awesome human being. We've had a lot of ups and downs, failed attempts at relationships (lmao), beefs and the like; but I love you dearly. You're my very best friend, my brother. And I'm so happy to see you happy in your Degrassi-like universe, rocking the hell out of those quints like they owe you money. I'm really happy to see that you've grown out of that pesky insecure phase. Those people who hurt and teased you in the past just helped to make you more awesome. What makes me even happier is the fact that you went against the grain, failing to become a clone in Bodymore, Murdaland; some random lost soul who finds who they are in the image of others. You're so not them. I'm honored to watch you mature each year and become the man I know you were raised to be. And even though "we" never worked out, just know that from this day forth, there's a teeny tiny spot on my heart especially marked for you. Reaaaally teeny tiny. :) Just kidding, you're the bees knees in my eyes.
Pssst. I know you get the girls, too. PIMPIN'!

Love you, man. See you soon.



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