Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, WE DID.

"I feel like...I can put my suitcase down, finally."
-Whoopi Goldberg

We are all truly blessed to be alive and experience history. I've been crying since last night, celebrating this awesome moment with my family. WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!It's still hard to believe, but it's been done. Obama had everything thrown at him but the kitchen sink; Jeremiah Wright controversy, false accusations on his religious and political ties; things that should have ended his campaign before it started, honestly. But those who carry faith as I do knew that the election was over before it started. The entire world is still celebrating, and even that speaks volumes to what this black man is about to do for this country. I'm especially excited for my generation's power throughout this election. Thanks to all the young people who voted to make this happen. We are showing the world that we have a voice. It makes me happy to know that right now, my ancestors are smiling at all of us who made this change happen right now. MLK, Malcolm X...I don't have to name them all, because we know. They died for us to exercise the right that we used yesterday. They're finally happy for us. Ashe, and Amen.

The tears I cried last night, and even today, have not all been for me or Obama. I have members of my family who never thought they would be alive to witness something of this magnitude. My grandparents grew up in a heavily segregated south; experiencing Jim Crow and racism in its prime, at my age! Even my father, at 57 years old, remembers having to walk with his mother to the backs of restaurants in the kitchen area to pick up their dinner. As I think about Obama's future inauguration taking place on the steps of a place built by our enslaved forefathers, tears form in my eyes once again. This is simply overwhelming.

Now, the real work begins. As a people, we have shown not only this country, but the world, that we are still the backbone of these United States. There is no longer a reason to complain; the only thing that holds us back is ourselves. Of course everything is not going to change overnight, and threatening issues that plagued our people will still continue, if not, stronger than before; but last night we proved officially that we can do ANYTHING. We should all strive to do our best to make ourselves stronger. We've put him in the White House, now let's show the world exactly why we have all deserved the right to celebrate. It'll be a lot of work, but seriously, it's all worth it.

That means: party on, everyone!

A smile comes to my face as I realize my little brothers (blood and spiritual) don't have to aspire to be just big name sports figures or music "moguls". They can run this country, too.

I'm also extra excited for myself because despite that wack ass flu I had, I still managed to get out of my bed at 6AM to vote! The whole family went, minus my pops (he worked in the am); but plus Scuba Steve. LOL, he had to wait in the other line, on the other side of the polling place...seperate precinct from us. Awww.
Did I take pictures?
Of course, I did.


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