Saturday, November 15, 2008

random day, random post.

Went to work today.
Let me just say: work on a SATURDAY? Complete and utter madness.
Anyways, this post really isn't about much, so I'll keep the random to a minimum. Had to put a guy out of the library today (lmfao); he was watching porn on the public PCs. I mean, if you're entertained by watching a person/people do something you could be doing, but won't for some odd reason; rock off. (Ahem, Mr. Valentino? "Rock off"=" Do your thing", in my personal universe. (: ) But...keep in mind, you're in a public library, and the nosey children standing behind you are going to pay attention to your monitor if they see booty taking up %95 of the screen. Hmm. Anything else worth typing happen? Not really. Let's move on, before I think of something to type here anyway, ruining the whole point of this already random blog. Did that make sense?

Going to my older cousin's tonight for "Ladies' Night". Should be fun, my experience, sometimes Ladies' Night (my cousin's or anyone's for that matter) has the potential to turn into "Men Ain't Sh*t" night, which is totally not cool in my book. Don't get me wrong, I'm not some teenybopper movie, sterotypical female character, who is untouched and has never been hurt. But...male bashing? Nahhh. I don't bash, I move on. Besides, what can a group of awfully chatty damaged females do to help my situation?
Another con to Ladies' Night: tooooo much talking.
The pro: My cousin's cooking. Ghandi would love it.
Another pro: social drinking., I'm going to Ladies' Night!

Brightside to this long day: If you read any of the crap I type, you'll know that fall is my favorite season. Period. Today was a beautiful day, so I snapped a couple pics via the smartphone. Enjoy the part of Baltimore that The Wire never showed. Ha.

And I always come back to the cul-de-sac. Looking looking at this same image for 23 years. Wow.
(hella sentence frags, but so what?)

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