Thursday, November 13, 2008


For when he asks me, "Whatchu lookin' at?"...

the action seems so simple
but the effect is overwhelming
locked in a trance i can't shake from
you've got this beautiful hold on me
no dictionary will ever define what i see when i look into your eyes
one word eventually stumbles to mind
i watch the universe dance to our song
galaxies birth stars to light your iris
the very light God filled the world with in The Beginning
sambas around the whites of your eyes
dancing across the bridge that serves to hold your gaze
a peep at your pupils shows me that our children will share our features
all but one
our daughter could make the very knees of the strongest man shake
send anyone into frenzy with the way her lashes kiss eachother with a soft blink
your son will be responsible for striking fear in any man to test him
make females imagine what your seed pushed from her womb would look like
as I do now
old heads say that eyes are the windows to one's soul
it seems as if your windows were made specifically for me to enjoy
take a look outside to see what life would be without you
there's nothing there
so let me be your window
see in me what i envision in you
i can only hope you see what I see
when I catch you staring at me.


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