Monday, November 3, 2008

so...i'm excited.

Election Day is tomorrow.
The fact that we are about to make history yet again pumps me with so much adrenaline. I will admit, I've never been so fully involved with politics until now, and I'm sure there are a lot of people who will say the same. Just imagine the arguments/debates I've been in, with friends (!), listening to them say they're not voting because they don't trust "The Man". "Even if he does win, what is it ultimately going to do for me?" "The government never gave a damn about us before, Obama won't make them start". Get over it! Something we all need to realize: at the end of the day, this election is no longer about us. Think about the people who marched, preached and died for us to have this one right. I'm pretty sure they weren't doing what they did to make their resumes look better.

I'm only extra excited because of the turnout of people voting this election, old and young. A woman came to my job a few weeks back and asked for a registration form; it was her first time voting. She was 46. My neighbor that I've lived across the street from all my life is voting his first time ever. He was born in 1934. LOL, there was even a woman who came to my job to see if she was still registered; she stopped voting while Bush was in office.

I'm extremely happy for my grandmother. The fact that she is literally about to experience a full circle is simply overwhelming. She's a very religious woman, so she's cried and thanked Jesus for Obama more times than I can count. She's also 71 years old, so she's seen and experienced the struggle that inevitably led to this moment. She always tells me stories of her and her family protecting themselves from the KKK in South Carolina. I've been told I had a great-great-aunt who made her own dynamite. Righteous. :)

The comical part of this whole election craziness is some of my coworkers. HILARIOUS, middle aged white women who cannot stand Sarah Palin. LMAO, the things they say about her...whooo! Brings a tear to my eye.

Even though I'm still sick, I plan on being at the polling place when they open (7AM), bundled up until I feel like the Michelin Woman. Luckily, the spot is right around the corner from my house, so there won't be a lot of time wasted on getting there. I'm going to wait however long I have to to make sure the man I want in office is rightfully put my fullest extent, of course. Ha.
I will say; since this is the day before elections...if I get one more automated call from some city official/non profit org/person trying to move up, I'm going to disconnect my phone. For today.


btw: Those women I spoke on a few lines ago? One of them sent me this. She's work mother. Love this lady's spirit.

Scary stuff...but peep it...
It's personalized. *dies laughing*
The layout of the page is pretty sick, too; make your own if you'd like.
(Thanks to
The woman who sent me this is also the same woman who hired me. LMFAO. Ahh, Life.

UPDATE: Just got word that Obama's grandmother has passed away. I'm personally sending my prayers and condolences to him and his entire family.
There are obviously things outside of the government that are going to try and stop this from happening. But we've got this.

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curiouslovechild said...

Yes. There are so many of us who just didn't give a damn these past 8 years. This is the first time I have a chance to vote for something this phenomenal (also the first time I can vote for a presidential election...I'm 20). I already sent in my absentee ballot, so I'm going to help out at the polls and make sure everyone votes. I can't wait 'til tomorrow night!

Happy voting dear!