Friday, March 6, 2009


The blog title sums up how I'm feeling right now.
I'm sitting here, enjoying the start of my Friday; feeling good about certain events that transpired yesterday, when I get this message popping up on my screen:
"You're gonna shit yourself...Angela Davis was at Towson last night, speaking on a panel."

O_o. That's the face that I had when I got the message, and it's the face I still have now.
I'm utterly PISSED! Everyone close to me knows that Angela is my absolute favorite activist, and the fact that I missed her when she was a 25 minute drive away makes me want to slam my head against something that will put me into immediate naptime. I've been trying to find information on where she'll be speaking for a longggggg time, and she was right under my friggin' nose. %&!%^&@%^&@%, I say. %&!%^&@%^&@%.

So, let me drop this PSA: If any readers, followers (publicly and anon), or whoever has information regarding where Angela Davis will be speaking in the Maryland area or any other state, LET ME KNOW! I'm dead serious. I'm willing to drive out of state.

Correction...we're willing to drive out of state. Moms just called, I told her what happened. She wants some info too. So start sharing! Please, and thank you.
Ugh! I can't believe I missed her again!

If you thought I was playing about that PSA:
drop an e-mail!


Ms. Naomie said...

I feel dumb when my friends speak about activists b/c i've never really paid any attention to them..but I DO know she's coming to Atlanta (that's kinda far tho) My friend wants me to go w/her to hear her speak & i might consider it. but visit and type in her name you can see if she'll be speaking around your area

Ziggy Za. said...

Thanks for the info! I'm about to check the site out right now. I think you should go with your friend to see her speak, trust me. It's totally worth it--and I haven't seen her yet!

Pro's Hood said...

i am psyched cuz i love angela davis....forgive me for not coming around like i should hun... im on it loved this.

Ziggy Za. said...

Angela Davis Yeah, I just need to meet her. I was even more pissed after I blogged this because it turns out that I missed Sista Souljah at a book signing as well. &*#&^*^@#.

No harm, no foul girl. It's cool, I know you read whenever you can!