Monday, March 9, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday...

...and I really do wish it was Sunday.

Sitting at work right now, people watching and trying to keep my eyes open. Daylight Savings Time kicked my butt, and the small bout of insomnia I battled over the weekend didn't help either; too many consecutive 4AM (or later) bedtimes really does make you delirious. I have Halo 3, my best friend and Scuba's Super Nintendo to blame. Damn you all!

Anyways, I was checking my e-mail a little earlier, and I got a message from someone who may be an anon reader/follower. She digs the blog, and she wants to know what music I have playing on my page. Now, I never really thought the music was a big deal; I'm a person who prefers to listen to music whilst I surf the 'net so I figured that there are bunches of other people who do the same. I decided to add a playlist to just give you guys a sample of the music I'm into.

Since I got an e-mail about my choosings of tuneage, here's a list of the list--artist name and track title, no links included. I'll add more from time to time, so the list may get longer.

FYI: The starting track, "Breakin' My Heart", was created by myself and my brother. If you remember, I touched briefly on my own musical endeavors. So yes, that's us that you hear when you first visit my blog. I've decided to always have a BlackMuzik track start the playlist, and although I don't list the artists on the playlist, any music by BlackMuzik will be marked with an asterisk. By the way, there's heavy linkage in this paragraph because I want you all to ADD US AND LISTEN TO THE MUSIC! :) Please and thank you.

Let the tuneage begin...
-BlackMuzik-Breakin' My Heart
-Radiohead-15 Step
-Raheem Devaughn ft. Ludacris-Bulletproof
-Neyo-Future in You
-B.O.B.-Lonely People
-A Tribe Called Quest-Sucka Nigga
-Nirvana-Milk It
-System of A Down-Atwa
-The Roots-I Can't Help It
-Raphael Saadiq-OPH
-Radiohead-In Limbo
-Lupe Fiasco-Sunshin
-Gnarls Barkley-Surprise
-Brandy-Drum Life
-B-Real ft. Damian Marley-Fire
-N.E.R.D.-Lazer Gun
-N.E.R.D.-Anti Matter

That's it. That's the playlist, in order of appearance. I'll add more pretty soon, so there may be an update. Listen out for some Mamas and Papas, some Pink Floyd, Nina's gonna get pretty eclectic.


Gee-Nah Muh-Ree said...

Really feeling Nirvana, Radiohead, Gnarls, and B.O.B right now .. great list babes

☼K☺nค☼ said...

Yesss I love it I would tune into your station anyday

Ziggy Za. said...

GeeNah-Thanks! Didn't want to make the playlist too long, so that's all for now. LOL

Anime Guy :)-I see a newwwww reader! You got a blog! Awesome!