Friday, March 13, 2009

Ziggy's Friday Forethought 3: "No Homo"

Okay, I'll get straight to the point with this one.


This is definitely a phrase I'm beyond tired of hearing. In my opinion, anyone who says this is a) insecure of their own sexuality and b) immature. There is nothing wrong with a man or a woman complimenting the same sex! There has been some kind of stigma attached to this; if a man compliments another man's shoes that man's sexuality is now in question. Not cool. I got funny looks for saying that I thought Alicia Keys' body was nice. If you are a person who is %100 comfortable with your sexuality, complimenting someone of the same sex on their looks, etc. should not be an issue. After I made my comment about A-Keys' assets, I heard chuckles and got funny looks. I mean, how old are we?
There's not really much I can say about this phrase. It's been around for too long and it's time to put it in the ground. It's over abused to the point of offensiveness, being that it's "used" at totally wrong times.
"Ay man, suck a di*k, no homo..."
"That shirt is hot, no homo..."
And so on.
Just kill it, people!
Has anyone heard "no homo" used at the most inappropriate time? And what do you think of the phrase, funny or phony?


curiouslovechild said...

Girl yes! I've been hearing that phrase for like 3 years now. Is it really that serious?

"Can I borrow a pencil? No homo..."

Exaggeration, but yes, it just needs to be killed.

Little Miss Knobody said...

I agree that it needs to be killed along with sayings like, "that's so gay" I could get into a long list of reasons why, but I won't. To put it plainly, like you said, it's just childish and shows insecurity. Great forethought!

Anonymous said...

i hate that shit so bad
I live in the DMV && they use that phrase like its a period
as if a sentence is simply not complete without adding that.
I got a compliment on my nails heard the chick sayin some "no homo"
like what is there to be homo about.
Most definitely P H O N Y.
By the way
i like your blog.

riva. said...

I'm from NYC, so when i go home thats ALL i hear! I'm so annoyed with the amount of homophobia nowadays...that i tune most of that -ish- out.

Btw Zig...Once again i apologize! Midterms, Shows, Spring Break, UGH.


Ziggy Za. said...

Lovechild-That's what I'm saying, improper usage--fail!

Miss Knobody-"That's so gay" is another one. I will admit, I have used it a couple times out of frustration, but it's no excuse; there are people who are offended by that phrase. I think people who say it often lack the vocabulary to express their distaste with something another way.

Piing-Thanks for commenting! I agree though, I'd call it phony as well. The usage of it is what kills me, though.

Riv-LOL, I'll know you'll hear it more than me, you're from the place it originated! No harm no foul on the lack of comments, you're getting work done and having fun. My blog will be here when you get back to it. :o)