Friday, March 27, 2009

damn, baltimore pt 2: No Title Needed. This is Utter Bullsh*t.

Just in case you were wondering, the Murder Map reports that Baltimore now has 51 homicides this year. But, that's not what this post is about. It's about the fact that the count almost went to 52...

...Scuba could've lost his life the other night.

I won't go into details because this isn't my story to tell, but I will say that I've never seen him so shaken up. Earlier that day, I had been texting him and getting no replies. The phone he had has been acting up for a while, so I logically concluded that that was the reason why; he's previously complained of not getting any messages from me, or getting them hours later. I try to keep the worst case scenario in the further recesses of my mind, I hate wigging out when it's not necessary. Apparently my worst case scenario was right.

I had no idea he was here, but he came to my house around 10:30 or so and had already talked to my parents about what happened. When he finally told me and our mutual friends, my heart sank. Supposedly someone came into his shop pretending to be a customer, asking for someone else who worked there. What happened after that sounded like a movie--the usual weapon brandishing, everybody-on-the-floor demands, and someone was pistol whipped. He also told us that he didn't know the gun was pointed at his head when the guy said, "If I don't get this money RIGHT NOW, I'm shooting him first." His phone, money, credit card and ID were stolen, but that's a blessing compared to what he could have taken. I'm just glad I didn't get that horrible phone call late at night.

I really don't understand what's going on with my people in this city, or anywhere really. It amazes me how people rob/kill people who live in the same area or even the same block as them. NEWS FLASH: that person you just popped? Trying to make it out just like you are. Great job, dumbass. What's sad is that I know for a fact that it'll get worse when the weather finally warms up for the next few months. We have to do better, seriously.



pnut said...

well i can live to speak on this as well i want to say like 2005 i was rubbed at gunpoint. the gun was on my forehead cocked and ready to be fired it was a skinny dude and i was like he is so lucky he got this gun. i felt helpless and some what mad that it was nothing i could do for my self but at the end of the day i still have my life and i am happy to be here.

Lique said...

wow.that is so terrible.i had lived in orlando,fl for almost 3 years and the crime rate has risen in the 3 years time that i was is just a shame.i dont think i could ever live there again.i recall in 07 the 1st homicide of the year was on new years...damn shame

Ziggy Za. said...

Pnut-People are cowards. Period.

Lique-Thanks for following!
I've been hearing about the crime rate rising in FL. It's pretty bad now, especially in Dade County.