Friday, January 30, 2009

friday freebie!

Ignite each chakra
With friendly touch. Baby, our
Connection is ill.

Happy Friday, folks! Another weekend is upon us...and I have NOTHING to do. I tell you, this staying in/saving money thing is agony sometimes. Anyways, I'm off to run errands before work. Got a couple of posts for you later in the day, but for now enjoy the haiku quickie...and these things running through my mind:
-Ron Brownz sucks eggs. I'd like him to jump out of a windowwwwww.
-WTF is up with all these murder-suicides? First LA, then one the next day in Annapolis, then yesterday in Ohio. It can't be that bad.
-When's the next Black Star album dropping? Kweli and Mos, we need you!
Got some others, but this post is a little too random for my own liking.
Everyone have a safe weekend.


1 comment:

amirah: the uncool said...

me and my brother got this joint called "vocodopera"--of course an opera based off of songs that use vocoders in them--and ron browz's joint is definitely one we use often. of course it's used when we are ridiculously bored. LOL!

gotta agree with you. these suicides/murders are ridiculous and not needed.

and YES! where is Black Star in our lives??? :-(