Monday, January 26, 2009

as promised...30/30 continues!

*Don't judge me. I know I took a minute, but if you read my mini disclaimer a few posts back, you should know that this takes time, focus and energy to type. I'm going to compile the rest (14 poems!) into 2 posts. Read, comment, and most of all...enjoy!*

#17 (12/27/2008)- Black Panther
Left fists raised in air
Serve as a bridge for lost souls
Back to the Motherland.

#18 (12/28/2008)-Speak No...
It's the little things
Body language and signals
To say "I love you".

#19 (12/29/2008)-Untitled
Dreams with no standards
Like mind's playground left idle
Devil can play now.

#20 (12/30/2008)-Kinte Cloth and Moonstones
Sitting while others stodd to salute the flag
Just in 2nd grade
Marked different since before she could remember
Home specially tailored into her school uniforms
Made her an easy target for school bullies
But at the same time illuminated her individuality
Now, the things she was teased for
Is what has made her well known
Popular in her own way
While others struggle to stay on the radar.

#21 (12/31/2008)-Body Talk
Funny how we don't need words anymore
Simple nouns and verbs
phrases in Webster's
Can neither define or confine what we have
love bursting through pages
so let's make our own
watch attentively
you'll learn all you need by simply looking at me
just as I watch you
feel my heart flutter after I kiss your lips
and I smile to watch your body sigh
saying you love me without saying you love me
cherish the twinkle in your eye when you've missed me
tightness of your embrace telling me you need me
a love beyond words
spoken so loudly
but no words are ever heard.

#22 (1/1/2009)-The Kitchen
I shake my locs, yeah
Feel just like a lioness
When I do it, too.

#23 (1/2/2009)-The Kitchen (Extended)
they're free when I can't be
defying the laws of media
very rare that you see these on tv
follicle breeds into follicle
strands tight enough to break teeth
no comb breching through here
and please, don't get it confused
my locs are in no way fashionable
adorning my head like a crown
make a statement without making a statement
history in each root
fusing my mind's energy for all to see
flowing past my shoulders
creating their own dance as they finally curtain my back
doubling as a cape and shield
like samson
here is where I harness my strength
so requests to touch are easily denied
no one is just granted access inside
my locs represent something that is never fully understood


riva. said...

#22 (1/1/2009)-The Kitchen

the title above is a RIDICULOUS haiku. i bet you didn't even know how powerful the structure of it was when you wrote it. the commas (dramatic pauses) are a rarity in the haiku form. BRAVO Ziggy!

"Home specially tailored into her school uniforms
Made her an easy target for school bullies
But at the same time illuminated her individuality"

i can relate to that in ways no one would ever understand. -sigh-

completed a 30/30! you're the SHIT!


Ziggy Za. said...

Thanks, homie.
And you're right...I have NO clue as to what I was doing, lol. I never really have a plan, they just...come out.
But um...when's the next 30/30?