Wednesday, January 14, 2009

for those who worried....

...if you did at all..
I'm not dead! Yayyyyy!
Seriously, it's been almost 3 weeks (yikes!), and I've missed a lot of poems, random posts from the Bad Sum Bitch, 30/30 challenges, et cetera; et cetera. However, there are perfectly reasonable explanations for my absence. As you know, the family took a vacation toward the end of last year. Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic will definitely miss us, but I have lots of pictures and stories to post, so I digress. As SOON as I got back to the U.S., I was faced with something that I've never experienced before, so my brain's crisis control was a little on the fritz trying to find ways to cope. I guess there are no red buttons to push in my cerebrum, so my brain said "SHUT DOWN...NOW!"...and I found myself basically a hermit for almost a week. But alas, I'm here, I'm alive...and I've got lots of crap to post!

As soon as I can get everything in order, you'll be annoyed by me soon. Funny stuff, vacation pics, the rest of the 30/30 (which I'm thoroughly pissed about; they should have posted automatically!), and whatever random things cross my mind.

Happy '09, peoples. It's late, I know; but it still counts.



riva. said...

does not count!
lol j/p.
glad you're back ma'am.
can't wait to read. :)


Mike Valentino said...

I got an honorable mention. Yay. I hope there are alot of bikini pics from your vacation. Oh, yeah. Hope you had fun, too.

Ziggy Za. said...

Thank you much, ma'am. My fingertips will pretty much be numb by the time I'm done.

You got an honorable mention because you're awesome. :)
Bikini pics? Sure. Are they of ME in a bikini? Probably not. But I definitely had a blast.