Wednesday, January 21, 2009

damn, it feels good.

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Just think...there was a time when "white house" and "black president" put together in a sentence was downright oxymoronic. But now, hopefully we can all breathe easier knowing that after yesterday, Barack Hussein Obama is officially the 44th President of the United States. There's little controversy surrounding if he's literally the first or not (John Hanson ring a bell? Of course it won't, he's not in the books), but I'll be fair and say that right now it shouldn't even matter at this point, because this one is IN THE BOOKS.

Now, although I'm 30 minutes away from D.C., I preferred to be at home watching history from tv via CNN. Other than the Inauguration itself (I cried enough for everyone on my block), there were definitely some highlights, but here were some things I enjoyed:

-Rev. Joseph Lowery's Inaugural Benediction: classic. He even got his rhyme on toward the end. "The brown can stick around, and the yellow can be mellow..." Who's mad at that?
-Those "Hippies for Obama" buttons. I neeeeeed one!
-Something I did at home: Yelling "Get the fu*k out!" when certain (coughBushcough) people were shown leaving the White House. Glad to see you go, really.
-Spike Lee's fitted: "The NY with the joint!" Spotted him wearing this joint on Good Morning America. It was the topic of discussion for a good 3 minutes before Spike changed the subject.

Definitely a day to remember. We've come a long way, but now it's time for the turnaround. FYI: just because we've accomplished something great does NOT give you the excuse to slack up! This is all the more reason to work harder than before. Personally, I think that as soon as Obama was announced the President Elect, some things should have happened in the atmosphere. It's ridiculous that with this historic change going down, the murder rates in inner cities are slowly skyrocketing. Put the guns down and hug someone. The President looks like YOU!

Peep this, though: Not only do we have a black Pres...he's an African Pres.
I smell revolution...



Little Miss Knobody said...

Yeah I think I said something similar to what you did when I saw Bush leaving the White House. That in itself was something joyous to see.

amirah: the uncool said...

spike lee's joint looked sooo but you're so right. it's time to put the guns down, stop killing ourselves and love one another. like raphael saadiq said in "fight/love", "fight just a little bit, love just a little bit MORE."

Pro's Hood said...

What it do Zigs? thanks for blessing my space with your present. I think we all anticipated Bush leaving the "Black House" (smiles) It's been long overdue. The only things though that trouble me is the fact that alot of people don't truly comprehend the depth of this election. There are plenty that voted in the form of a popularity contest. Its sad to say that "we" as a people would vote based on charisma and not know a candidates stand on certain views. Yes, we got the outcome we wanted but it would mean alot more if everyone understood that now this means that America is officially the land of opportunity for all and not a selected few. My son now has someone other then harlem shaking diddy and Dwayne Wade to look up to. When i say "Jah, focus in school and you can be anything you want!" it finally holds true... he now can be president :0)