Monday, January 26, 2009

it continues...30/30 pt dos!

#24 (1/3/2009)-Poetry, A Letter
wasn't aware that there were rules applied to free expression
i'd like to just talk and let words flow
call that poetry
but apparantely my words aren't big enough
lines not long enough
messages not deep enough
and metaphors aren't metaphorical enough
I don't have the right rhythm to spit you amongst ready ears
so many rules
for something that was discovered without them
so I apologize, poetry
I can only continue to be
but the feeling must be mutual
because you allow me to be
don't trip when I miss a line
or when I take too long to reach a point
I'm getting your message across
just let me be your instrument.

#25 (1/4/2009)-Tainted Promise
the universal heartbeat had to be revived
your announcement threw everything off balance
my world danced to the tune of your drum
but unbeknownst to me, the drumming ceased
causing me to stumble
and in this incident I realized I've grown dependent on you
needing my fix
and regretting the person I become when it's not near
you've become my music, a necessity
knowing that for just one moment it could've been wiped away has potential to kill me
but the drums start again
while you and I dance on glass
stepping lightly and slowly
silently praying that we can both find the tune again.

#26 (1/5/2009)-I Wish I May
she used to wish on stars
sending all her focus to the brightest of them all
took that philosophy and applied it to life
"star light, star bright; first star I see tonight..."
first star I see tonight
first star I see tonight
no one told her that she didn't have to give all her energy to one star
let alone the first she sees
tell her to hold on to her wish
gaze at all the stars
the one for her may not be the first
possibilities are limitless in the skies
so her choice is hers for the making
any one of those stars should be blessed to have her wish
just as any is willing to take it
but she has to be careful
take advantage of discernment
it may not be the first star she sees tonight.

#27 (1/6/2009)-Wait List.
Dear You,
it's been a while since we've talked
now let's skip the specifics
i know what this is about
crowding the screen of my smart phone with your dumb ass questions
"how's life?" "how you been?"
all filler; the warm up to the matter at hand
you wanna know a lot of things
but the question that pulses in the front of your mind
never to leave your lips, unless uttered in some incoherent, secret coded fashion
"you still, um...intact?"
"made that move yet?"
and a personal favorite
"still locking it down?"
you no longer have permission
to even have the balls to ask me this question
lack of patience canceled out your like for me
causing my tolerance to dissipate
but I thank you anyway for showing me who you really were
almost laughed when you said you'd wait until my say-so...
who told you my say so would be for you?
holding on to my last piece of me
and you just want a piece of me
so I'll continue to cradle what's mine
grab onto it like you would your nuts
spit my excuses like you spit your game
because that's what it's turned into
cheap trinkets leading to the top prize
news flash: movie tickets, paid dinners, bells and whistles
approval by your closest niggas
even meeting the woman who brought you into this world
won't bring you into mine
takes much more
so simple, but if you can't figure out
you're certainly not what I'm looking for
so just think
it could've been you
to venture to an unchartered land
make my body quake with the softest touch of your hand
mark your territory by putting your lips on places
then laugh later about my "during" faces
but I won't say too much
it's been a long time
and we've lost touch
all I can do is smile
at a lame attempt to learn about something
that was temporarily worth your while
suffering from Til It's Gone Syndrome
and a horrible case of raging testosterone
if you'd really like to know "how" I am
do yourself a small favor.
ask my man.

#28 (1/7/2009)-Challenge
Someone tell Satan
To come harder than this. Back
to the drawing board.

#29 (1/8/2009)-Forestry Melodies
from your veins to mine
take me on a ride
drift on clouds as I float away
I wish not to come back
this is where I belong
self discovery is prevalent in this place
taken to the conscious of my conscious
true self resides
escape to new planes through your vapors
a burning sweetness enters lungs
secretions of carelessness seep through me
show me what's really trivial
who's to blame me for wanting this rescue
the real world is far worse than this
but you help me temporarily forget
thought I would keep you to myself
but others sing your praises
guess they need the same help
it's a love/love relationship
you and I
I'm stuck to your side
you stick to my hands
let those ignorant bastards say what they please
we both know what's best for me
try to keep you away
you're a moneymaker
and there are some who will abuse you
but they will never appreciate the experience
as we do
you're everywhere
and I can't be all those places at one time
but I can in my mind.

#30 (1/9/2009)-Career Day
it's almost his turn
hearing the same aspirations back to back
has made him tired
everyone wants to be nurse
football or basketball player
and every now and again
lawyer is thrown in the mix
but today's his day to wow the crowd
4th grade mind already equipped beyond his years
he steps up to the front of his class
faces his peers
burgandy uniform pants etching detailed stories of yesterday's play date
and his shirt is transforming to a slight beige
but his notebook is spotless
chest held high, eyes straight ahead
he braces himself for laughter
what he's about to say is utterly ridiculous
"When I grow up, I'm going to be President."
the room falls silent
searches his classmates' eyes for approval
and is surprised to see all smiles
waits for teacher's predictable snicker
and hears nothing
but sees the single tear drop from his teacher's eye
the silence lets him know
it's now possible
it can be done.

Whew! I finally finished it! Every poem has been sitting in my journal, waiting to be typed since the 9th. know what I said earlier. Anyways, I hope this 30/30 has been pleasing to you, and if it hasn't...*shrug* don't know. I will say it was a challenge for me, but I will most definitely be doing this again soon.

btw: If you're a new reader and you haven't had the chance to catch up on my 30/30, or have no idea of what the hell I'm talking about, click these links and get on the ball!


curiouslovechild said...

"lack of patience canceled out your like for me
causing my tolerance to dissipate"

Love it. It's so true!

I dig the style.

Ziggy Za. said...

So glad to finally have it finished, it was definitely a brain buster.