Friday, January 30, 2009

oh, baltimore pt 4: beating unecessary records

This time last year, the city had 14 homicides.

As of yesterday, January 29, 2009, Baltimore City has had 21 homicides. A man was shot and killed--in broad daylight--in the 900 block of Poplar Grove Street. Those who live in B-More know that Poplar Grove--any part of it--is not a spot to be in if you don't already live there. Hell, it's hard enough to live there too. Crazy thing is, I live a good 8 minute's drive away from this street, and it's all getting a little too close to home.

Another awesome tidbit about this nonsense? Of the 21 murders, only 4 arrests have been made. W.T.F. I'd prefer to never do another "oh, baltimore" post, but it's not even February yet. Not looking too possible on my end.

Come on people, we have got to get it together.


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