Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Liked It...But Didn't Want to Put A Ring On It.

For the record, let me say I am not a Beyonce fan.
I'm pretty sure some diehard B fan/stalker just stumbled upon my blog and almost vomited onto his/her "I Am..". cd. Grow up. I said I'm not a fan. Meaning, I love (some of) her music; her business ethics are pretty decent, and she's making money; which I'm not mad at at all. But...I believe that once you've captured a certain crowd, if you're as good as critics say you are, your fans won't mind you growing up musically. With that being said, NO, I did not like "Single Ladies" OR "Diva". She's pushing 30, and she's married. And, to my knowledge, a diva is not the female version of a hustler. Or maybe that's just me. Long story short, I think Beyonce is a great performer, her vocals are hot, and she definitely knows how to make people remember her music. Hell, I'll admit to having a (legal!) copy of "Dangerously In Love". "B-Day" and "I Am..."? Not so much. But, kudos to you, Mrs. Knowles-Carter.

To those uttering that over abused H word past your lips: stop. I am not, nor have I ever been a hater. I admire her hustle, and as I said above, her voice is incredible. I love Beyonce, but I don't have to like everything that she does, right? Right.

Now...if you thought what I said was bad, check out one of my Top 5 (of the moment) fave YouTube videos. And to those B fans cleaning vomit off of your concert ticket stubs, see if you call ME a hater after.

LMMFAO. I swear I laugh every time.
Oh. I'll have those 30/30s and the vacation post soon...but I needed to share this with you guys. You're all welcome.



briit said...

smh at the vid. he/she is a hot ass mess. lmfao. i can't call u a hater tho (i wouldn't anyway, shiit i dont like keyshia cole or mary j. blige (her voice after the 90's)...) everybdy has their preferences. dude's just outrageous tho. lol

MissNotice said...

lol yu cant hate on her she tellin it like it is