Thursday, January 15, 2009

64...and she's still dope.

I've said it millions of times in this blog, and I'll say it again...Angela Davis is AWESOME! I have yet to meet her (awww), but thanks to Ivan at Hip Hop Is Read, I had the chance to watch her speak out on the Oscar Grant police killing.

If you're not aware of the Oscar Grant story, you can:
1) smack yourself silly for not being aware of the national attention this story has been getting
2)google Oscar Grant
3)check these two videos, smack yourself silly once more...then google Oscar Grant again.
Witness recording of the actual shooting

Angela Davis Speaks About Oscar Grant

Just to brush you up quickly on this story (I don't want to cheat the research!), if you watched the first video you saw the police apprehending a young man on the ground. There's a small struggle, and one officer reaches for his gun and shoots Oscar right in the back. It's been reported that he was shot in the back, but the bullet ricocheted off the ground and through his lung. The officer who shot him has received multiple death threats since the shooting. I'm hoping there's some actual justice brought to this entire situation; the cop needs to be convicted. Point blank.

My prayers go out to Grant's family and loved ones.


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