Thursday, January 22, 2009

umbrella drinks and mopeds

Free drinks.
Free parties.
Beautiful people.
Beautiful atmosphere.
Breathtaking sights.
Quality R&R.
Did I mention the free drinks?!
It was the family's second time vacationing here, but the Dominican Republic is now one of my favorite places to travel to. My brother and I were pretty much "famous" the first time we went (because of our hair, everyone called us "Ras"; and my brother's slightly uncanny resemblance to to Weezy F. Baby), so walking through the steets of Puerto Plata at night was not a big deal, though tour guides heavily advised not to do so. We met a lot of great families, made some new friends, and partied to the point of post party amnesia.

I have here just a few pictures of our trip. Some pictures will have a little story/caption attached. Hope you enjoy, and if you'd like to see some more vacation stories, post a comment and let me know!

Pops was complaining because he "never gets to take a picture with my DAW-TUH!"

Taking it back to the old school...

I only asked for this drink, known as "The Rainbow", because the name was the first thing I saw on the menu. Be advised: this should not be consumed in the wee hours of the morning.

We even party in the rain, son!

Pops was partying the night away

The unofficial sand logo, lol

Isabella, the Pina Colada lady. We had to buy something from us before she cursed us...literally.

My brother made a lot of new friends on New Years. She's a special one, right?

Me and my new buddy Dany, "but for YOU, it's FREEEE!" LOL. Funny stories about this guy. I'd like to call him the Dominican Young Jeezy.

White Russians before the official countdown.

Me and moms posing for the camera before we head out to the New Years shindig

Everyone rides mopeds, you hear me? EVERYONE.

Get a couple shots in before we leave! Quick!

My fam and our new fam that we met while on vacation. We may be related, some last names match.

I've got bunches more, but I think a few is good enough. The entire album will be posted via Myspace, so if you add me (or have added me already) you can view them there. Hope you enjoyed, because I'm glad to have finally posted this! Woo-hoo! Next up: the mythical 30/30, lol...



Mike Valentino said...

I love the pictures. You look great. Your dad, however, is awesome. He steals the show.

Ziggy Za. said...

Thanks! And dad always steals the show, no matter how hard he tries not to.

Mista Jaycee said...

I love the pics! Thank you for the commentary as well. One of my favorite things is seeing Black folks all over the world.