Friday, October 3, 2008


the world has gone mad
finally fallen off its swollen axis
i even feel it in my dreams
eternally falling through a black hole
is it a symbol of my life, my heart; my soul?
my dream ain't a dream, i'm awake and it's no fun
the black hole that i'm staring at is the barrell of a gun
lil homie asking for money...of which i have none
feeling confused 'cause we lookin' like we both wanna run
now, this is a daily thing
common as the shining sun
African warriors have become ghetto soldiers
policing their own neighborhoods
blatantly and nonchalantly taking lives over a beef, a color, a corner; none of which they own
something that was once for the community is now out of control
and you can't blame "the man" anymore
you can only blame the government but so much
they're doing their job, we're just putting Death to a rush
cold hands made hot to the touch
when that tone go off, hand to heart you gonna clutch
beautiful black babies become breathless bodies bucked bloody by bullets
but boys become brave
blazing by blasts
outlasting the pain; outdodging the inevitable
girls sexing every tom, mookie and harry
sometimes ray-ray, pookie and larry
"you gotta bite the bullet if you wanna get in"
she got nowhere to go, so pookie gettin' it in
then harry, larry; ray-ray and tom
stripping you of your pride and womanhood just so you can belong...
...what's wrong?
Kings, Queens, Rulers; that's the blood in your veins
yet you shed blood over silly things like your sets' names
celebs gang associated quickly rise to fame
while the average joe with no name trying to maintain
snoop dogg on tv, teach you how to walk it out
but huey p educated you; what's that all about?
black panthers are now bloods and crips
positive to negative
but we can turn things around, regain power; that's how real it is
the essence to fight the power is lost in the cosmos
crabs in a barrell; that's the way our nature goes
powers that be chillin' on vacation, basking in their wealth
"why work? they're doing a great job of killing themselves!"
young men, boys and ladies
even down to the babies
festering from the inside, leaking out
shit is crazy
the fact that a nine year old can load a nine with ease
sheds light on the infestation
mentality of auto immune disease
you see the fear stricken in hearts
can't even sit on your own front porch
elders giving up on us; they stopped passing the historical torch
thinking it's nothing to stand for, so you fall for anything
you've forgotten who you are
but it's never too late to erase the mistake
we've made it this far
to make an example, settle a score
take a second look; your brother's blood on your hand is exactly like yours
you say you're not afraid, you're on your own
defend what's yours; i hear you
...but you've gotta be afraid of something
the answer's clear
look in the mirror.

so i gave lil homie all i had
forced into a cold world prematurely
underneath, he's not really this bad
looked into his eyes, we shared the same expression
hoping i make it out alive
hoping he learns a lesson
i told him "you don't have to do this.."
it's okay
i forgive him
he put his head down
a tear fell...
...and then he pulled the trigger.

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