Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ne-Yo Killed the "Goon"; Burning the Gucci Bandana.

Whenever I get my chance, I will personally thank this guy. His awesomeness level has just shot through the roof!

To set the record straight: I'm a music lover. No bias against any genre; I'll listen to just about anything. BUT...I have a problem with garbage. No offense to listeners of today's music--everyone's entitled to an opinion, true--but I need something that has SUBSTANCE. My brain will pretty much turn to shit if I listen to someone who's "dunn dunn it all" all day. And, I also understand that one can't stay stuck in the past...but if that's the only place I can hold a conversation about a Black Star track, without confused looks, then so be it. I really try to open my ears to whatever's on the radio, stay "hip to the times"; but donks and talks of getting silly keep making my ears bleed. And imagine my confusion when I tried to give "the baddest bitch" a chance, turned on a slow track, and started hearing about her expressing her love of bumping uglies? Everyone wants to be a goon, and we as listeners accept it as long as my fingers keep snapping; there's no longer a head nodding effect, we're all dancers now. Who cares about the song, is the hook right? If I can't wave my louie rag/gucci bandana to it, or ride around in my ridiculously unafforable whip; without getting anything but jealous stares, I don't wanna listen to it!

Plain and simple, I miss music in its raw, unique and edgy form. And I'm talking about every genre I listen to. Ne-Yo gets a shout out for taking one word and making it (in my opinion) the official ladies' anthem of the...?? When was the last official ladies' anthem? Who knows. Point is, Ne-Yo called us "I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T", but didn't contradict himself by calling us bitches right after, or complimenting our head game. Kudos to you, Ne-Yo. He's not just helping to ressurect the gentleman, he's bringing back the man. Let's hope others begin to follow some of these lost females can feel good about themselves, outside of having the phattest ass on the block. I prefer having the biggest brain, not the biggest chain.

Just to sum it up, no one can better explain how I'm feeling than my favorite slept on emcee--Joe Budden.

"...saw a video called "Lookin' Ass Nigga", grabbed the remote; tired of lookin' at niggas."

I can't recognize the love of my life anymore. Something's definitely wrong.

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