Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oooh, hecky nawl; that guhl is raw.

So...after much thought, procrastination, hesitation, preperation, minus this Jesse Jackson moment; I finally gave in and decided to open up my own blogspot. I've been a user of Myspace for the past couple years, and I'm pretty lazy when it comes to socializing; so, in that; I really could careless about sites with different names, but with the same aim. In my hermit mentality, it begins to present a problem: encountering the same people. I've posted 42 blogs on Myspace, and garnered the same response from some things I posted that, forgive my vanity; I thought was thee shit. And now, here I am, chilling with my feelers out; looking for those with my intellect.

I figured my "about me" was really kind of short, so I jacked some info from my Myspace life to share with you. But of course, being a multi dimnensional human such as my self (forgive the vanity again), this little peek into the window of the universe that is my mind will never be enough. Enjoy. And expect a new blog from me when...well, when I get that urge.

Hmmm. What can I really say about myself? There's really nothing out of the ordinary about me; the simple things make me...well, me. I'm a twenty two year old drummer, poet, actress, writer, yada yada yah...I'm an artist. My passion is music, and it's been so since my birth. If you consider yourself a friend to me, you'll know that my inspiration is Angela Davis, and no; it's not for her afro. I was pretty much raised to be the militant person I am today. How would you be if you were toted around to Louis Farrakhan speeches, attached to your mother's back in a homemade, African style baby carrier; or growing up in a household where the "Saturday House Cleaning" music included the likes of Fela Kuti, Third World, The Last Poets, Gil Scott Heron...see? I have my parents to thank gratefully for that. Music pretty much defines me, and I'm never biased toward it. You could see me bumping A Tribe Called Quest one minute, and The Mamas and the Papas in the next. I just might be the biggest Halo junkie in Baltimore City, and my best friend Duane and I will gladly scrape you in Team Doubles. Like to see me? I also love to play Rock Band (drums, of course) until my shins feel like they'll explode.

My nerdiness makes me. I can't play spades to save my life, but I can read an entire Harry Potter book in one sitting. Pick one; I have them all. I speak fluent Ubbi Dubbi and have a grand time confusing the hell out of people with it. My "outside the house" life includes skateboarding and collecting my movie ticket stubs for the entire year. Any ticket stubs, really. My mind is a catalog, containing some of the most useful, useless, wonderful information you'll ever need/want to know. I have song/movie quotes for days, and some apply to daily life. Not a big fan of Zane, or any of those "blaxploitation" books, really; but ask me how "Kindred" by Octavia Butler was. I never went pro, but basketball will always be my love. I have a very best friend named KC who lives in Atlanta; put us together in public and I'm pretty sure you'll escorted out of wherever you are. She's very random, much like me, so we're a matchmade in...whereever random people are made. And for the first time in my life, I can say, with much conviction, that I am in love. His name is Scuba Steve...well, that's what I call him. Point is, he makes me feel like I could sprout wings and fly to another galaxy if I wanted to. But I'd have to bring him with me. I'm pretty sure my heart will combust if it gets any bigger. That would be him a few lines up. :) Awesome, right? *sigh*.
All in all, I'm a big nerd who wanted to be a meteorologist in her younger days; with a sometimes mean streak (I've been told), who loves all music and all people. I don't waste my time biting my tongue; sugarcoating is for candy. I work at the library, and I teach kids. I hate arrogance and ignorance, but dry humor and sarcasm will always be favorites of mine. I spend most of my time dissecting the works of George Jackson, Amiri Baraka, Zora Neale Hurston, Toni Morrison, so many more; and vibing to Dead Prez when I'm feeling like "fighting the man". I'm the one that'll attend a skinhead rally with my "Imported from Africa...and I Didn't ask to Come" shirt on...and sit right in the front. I'm just that damn bold. And I really do own that shirt, lol. My circle of friends is tighter than airport security on July 4th. Raised Christian, practicing Human Being; so my tolerance for learning is always very high. I'm Rock/Pop/Hip Hop/Reggae/Soul/R&B/Gospel/Jazz/Country/Emo/Metal/Punk/Techno...etc. I'm Za. Think I'm cool? Ha, I do too.

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Sensei.Ichi said...

You're so vain...I bet you think this post is about you...

YOU'RE SO VAIN; I bet you think this blog is about you, don't you?!