Thursday, October 30, 2008


I messed up.
I just realized that since the opening of my Blogspot, I've spent a lot of time in front of Idiot Box2.
B.K.A my PC.
Consistently I've come to this little ass screen, typing my fingers to exhuastion for...
...that's the problem.
I have no idea what for.
And now I feel bad because I just glanced at my journal. It hasn't been touched since (an amount I'd rather keep anonymous).
Break time already?
Maybe not.
Just a moment, though.



riva. said...

i sooo feel you on that!
my journals have been calling me lately as well.
but the blogging is so addictive and you actually have someone to respond besides black lines and pages.


Ziggy Za. said...


That's what I'm saying!
I like having people read some of my stuff.
Lets me know if I'm as crazy as I think.