Monday, October 27, 2008

wrap it up, b!'s been a few days. My bad.'s all for good reason.
Friday was my BIRTHDAY!
23 like Jordan. >:D

I really didn't expect to do/get much for my birthday; I'm at those "in between" years when you should basically thank God for living another year, and do whatever you feel is necessary to celebrate. No parties. However, I was proven wrong all weekend as I partied until I was floored! I believe the partying started Thursday night, and it was nowhere but up from there. Went and caught Saw V on Friday night, just a small group of folks; myself, Scuba Steve, my brother and his girl, a homeboy of mine and some old college friends of mine. I was invited to a surprise party on Saturday night, and Sunday, after Nu World's show; I threw a little gathering for the cast at my cousin's house.

Just basic stuff, but being surrounded by the folks I love made everything much more fun. Also took my mind off some depressing thoughts, as I will always remember my 21st birthday and the days surrounding it more vividly than any other birthday, ever. The events that occured before/after my 21st are not something I would wish to relive again, and ever since I've been finding myself, around 10/08, getting sadder and sadder. Definitely wasn't the case this year, so I'm beginning to feel like the curse has been broken!

My gifts were quite possibly the most kickass gifts I've gotten, not due to material value (BLAH), but simply because of who they came from. I'm a sneaker freak...and my brother bought me the first pair of Js I've ever owned. (LMAO@ that sentence. It is cool for black people to have never owned Jordans, right? People looked at me like I was crazy when I said I've never had a pair...not because I couldn't afford them, just not really into them. Gimme a pair of Chucks and we're good.) Moms got me a couple items from Zumiez and H&M, and pops slid some money my way, so more shopping was definitely in order come Saturday. I didn't ask for much...well, I didn't ask for anything, really; nothing specific that I wanted/needed, so whatever I got was a surprise to me. But...Gift of the Year Award has to go to Scuba Steve.

-two cards with mushy "i love you/you're my world/insert corny stuff here" content inside. one written by maya angelou, courtesy of hallmark
-tye die skirt with Rasta colors
-necklace with a sun pendant (he calls me "sunshine" *cheesy grin*)
-bottle of Patron XO Cafe (probably should be considered an alcoholic for loving this gift, but screw it; i like Patron. And XO Cafe is something I experienced once, and enjoyed...and I guess talked about too much? Maybe.)

And this took the cake.

Yes! A framed Angela Davis photo!

I don't call people "idols", but I will say that Ms. Davis is my inspiration. I've been writing to her, trying to find out if she's going to be speaking on the east coast, reading about her; for years. When I pulled this out of my bag, I almost cried. And the gifts may not seem like a lot to some, but I'm pretty simple when it comes to gift. Some people probably lie when they say this, but the thought really does count! And Angela's the best gift ever.

10/24 is now in the books.

crazy ass cat not included.

*side note* I'm sending my thoughts and prayers out to Jennifer Hudson. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with this blog, but I'm looking at, and they just reported that the SUV's been found; possibly with the body of a little black boy inside. Sick, sick world we're living in.

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