Tuesday, October 28, 2008

wind wins by tko!

So...I'm typing this at work. We're getting some Chi Town styled wind in B-More, and the electricity at my house is out.
This means...no XBOX, which means no Halo, no Rock Band, CoD4; no internet, no blogspot, no TV...and NO HEAT!!!
Noooooo bueno. Seriously.
I'm lucky to be typing this at work, we had a blackout here for a few minutes. Everyone started screaming like we're in some bad horror flick. Chillax. This is the library. All the kids are devastated because they have to...dun dun dun!!! Re-type their Myspace comments!
>= give me a break.
Moms just texted me. I asked her if the electricity was still out...it was before I left for work, hours ago.
"Yup...and if it's still off at 7:30, I'm going to the movies to see Pride and Glory!"
Hip hip, hooray.
Looks like I'll be reading Exodus and writing a few poems for the rest of the day. No biggie. Need some poem postage to bring some life to this blog anyway! Ha! I always prevail!
Too much? Maybe?
Probably. But here goes nothing...10 minutes left in my work day, so I'm outtie.
BTW: My coworker just asked me, "What's your blog title about?" Tsk tsk...
"....gangstas walk, pimps gon' talk; ohhh, hecky nawl; that boy is raw..."
hip hop heads know this. ;)
And Bush-Bostic?
You're welcome.

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