Wednesday, October 22, 2008

we've got this.

So...last Monday? HORRIBLE.
Won't get into specifics...not necessary...and dwelling on the negative is soooo...negative.
Had a close call with Scuba Steve.
But, we're cool.
Lots of tears shed, from mine and his eyes.
(sorry if I made you seem soft, babe; but I wanna tell this story)
What I do love most about Monday is the simple fact that we were adults about the whole situation. No raised voices, no words said that were better left unsaid. Just raw emotion. And hurt feelings.
I told him I was disappointed. But...if we are both willing to communicate, no matter the circumstance, then things would work between us. It won't be easy, but if we both love eachother like we say we do, there's no problem we can't conquer together. Granted, the situation presented should have left one of us pissed off, and one hurting (you figure out who), but here are some things I learned during this relationship:

-My trust issues still linger, no matter how much I may convince myself otherwise.
-My love for him is really the strongest I've ever encountered.
-I really am a patient person.
-Communication, or lack thereof, will either make or break your relationship.
-No matter how much I may have cursed him in my mind (the few times I did, ha), or say "I swear, if he...then I'm gonna do..." logic (and my heart) kicks in before I have a chance to carry any of this out.
-Arguing takes more effort than solving the problem...when in love. I say this because when you argue, you find yourself not wanting to say/do certain things that may be further damaging to your situation; so matter how hurt you are, understand that more damage than what's already been done is really pointless.

Learned a lot more, but this is just the basis. I'm just glad we're slowly but surely working our way back to %100.
The random "I'm sorry" text messages makes the glue to put us back together.
And...there's no point in staying mad if, at the end of the day, he says "Babe, I love you" and I say "I love you, too."
That's pretty much the only thing that matters.

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riva. said...

AMEN girl!!!
I know and feel exactly what your going through. :(
Me and my babes go through the same things...but @ the end of every "misunderstanding" mostly the "understanding" and he the "miss" conquers all -shrugs-...i guess.