Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Walk Hard.

So, I wrote yesterday about a blackout at my job and a power outage at my house. I also mentioned that no power meant no heat, so imagine my frustration when I got home--at 5:30-- only to discover that the power was still out. There was virtually nothing to do, so I grabbed a candle and perched on my bed to get ready for some intense reading/writing/alone time. Fast forward to right now (currently 1:19pm), and I'm sick as a dog. The power finally came back on last night a little after 8pm, so I'm assuming that those annoying germs decided to make their move on my immune system between the time of my getting home, and waking up from my nap around 8:15.
Now I'm sitting in the house, quarintining myself; trying to find something On Demand. I feel like laughing, because nasal congestion is already depressing enough, so I find some comedies to narrow down my search. Bam. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. I never went to see it when it came out in theaters; I was a little skeptical of how funny it would really be; and when it started coming on cable I only caught bits and pieces of it. But now, I've finally grabbed the chance to watch it from beginning to end.
I laughed so hard the congestion disappeared.
The movie isn't split-your-side-funny...unless you're a fan of dry humor, sarcasm and subliminal jokes. The messages in this movie are worth paying attention to, and the delivery of each one is pretty creative. I dug it.

One of my favorite scenes. I'm not supporting/condoning/admitting to anything, but this is genius.

Back to my homemade herbal tea, chicken broth and movie watching.

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