Tuesday, October 7, 2008

who writes for the writer?

And I'm not talking about a ghostwriter.

Call me cocky...
but who's going to write about me?
Let me rephrase: who's going to write something for me?
Took a look at some of my past and present (more likely future) works.
I've dedicated a good bulk of my stories/poetry/journals to the lives of other people.

Sadly; more specifically, men.

But, I started to think...where's my poem?
I mean...I get the occasional "Za's dope" from my male buddies...
...is it wrong for me to want something on paper?
I wanna be swept off my feet by some mean ass metaphors.
I wanna snap my fingers to some long ass line too deep for me to truly comprehend, but I grasp it anyway.
I want someone to hear something someone wrote and say, "Oh yeah, that's definitely about Za!"
Hell, I'll even take some "roses are red, violets are blue" rudimentary, elementary, nonsensical writing.
Some "My First Stanza" shit.
So...where is it?
Or do I have to write this one myself as well?

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