Tuesday, October 21, 2008

so...what had happened was...

My bad.
I've been slacking with the blog postage.
But let me just say, for the record...
...last week was probably the roughest week I've had. All year.
For starters:
Monday: Fight and potential breakup with Scuba Steve.
(problem solved, maybe a blog on that later. I'm looking at it now, actually...waiting to be edited. Yeesh.)
Tuesday: Small fight with the best friend about the fight with the boyfriend.
(problem solved. dodged a bullet. again.)
Wednesday: Fight with moms. Need I say more?
(problem solved; i just chalk up moms trippy episodes to "the change". cruel? maybe.)
Thursday: Car trouble, almost missed work.
(problem...not solved. transmission may be going up. and that's a grip to fix. ugh!)

The rest of the week was just me nearly killing my brain with overanalyzing the arguments; "what ifs" and "whys" taking over every part of my brain. Not cool.
I'd like to blog about most of this, but it's still all too much for me to process at one time. To top it off, yesterday was officially the 2nd year since my godmother's passing. A godmother may not seem like much to some, hell, I know people who don't have godparents; but this particular woman played a major part in shaping the mold that is my life. Working on something about that, too. See? Too much!
I also need to (finally!) post another video on my YouTube channel. *sigh*

Promise I'm gonna start catching up on this stuff.

pssst. one thing I will say about last monday: I learned another reason why love is a double edged sword. And I also learned why estrogen has its cons sometimes.
it really does, though.

10/24....the dopeness arrived.

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